What to do when your sewing machine is busted.

My sewing machine has been out-of-order this summer, so my fabric crafting has been mostly of the glue-gun variety. I have a love-hate relationship with the glue gun. I love it for it’s practicality and instant securing of whatever materials I am working with — and I hate it because I burn my fingers like crazy allthetime.

But anyway.

When your sewing machine is busted, you turn to the glue gun and here are a couple of fun projects to try!…

1) Baby bow tie. i took the general idea from this tutorial but used an iron & glue gun instead of sewing it and used a safety pin for fastening rather than the little snappies. maybe i’ll post my own tutorial sometime? we’ll see.

2) Fabric flower bows. these flowers are so fun to make. i have attached some to headbands and some to hair clips. super fun, super easy…i’m telling ya, it’s therapeutic. a little jasmine green tea, some norah jones playing and my glue gun in hand…i love making these little flowers!

Here’s a picture of me and my cuties wearing their Mama-made accessories for a wedding this weekend…

…speaking of those cuties, I am thinking that the crazy sounds coming from the back bedroom mean nap time is OVER! 🙂

Happy Monday, friends! ❤

jordan cristine


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