New Mexico Trip – Part 2

“I’m laying on a quilted bed in our cabin’s ‘sleeping nook’ – a big window at my feet and another beside me. The arched yellow frame sets off the brilliant New Mexico wilderness impeccably. In every direction the view is tremendous, breath-taking, awe-inspiring. The steep inclines, rocky ridges, amazing rolling mountains, the red earth. And it smells even better. I only resent the mountains for refusing to be captured in a photograph – they only show off their true grandness in real life. This adds to their legend and mystic nature I suppose…I want the piney, cool mountain air to soak into my skin…the babies are sleeping in the upstairs loft (Kaya is too excited to sleep).”

“Yesterday was one fiasco/disaster after another. Missing shoes, busted stroller, napless babies, teething pain, closed museum, etc. Today I opted for something more low-key. We took Nels into the conference at Glorieta, stopped to grab a few groceries and returned to the cabin. It is 1 pm and I’m still in my pj’s…

…Kaya and Hudson seem happier too. They enjoy the outdoor play and more constant attention from Mom and Dad. Hudson has never been so happy, communicative, comfortable…my own mind has been refreshingly un-busied…Nels and I are more present together, more tuned to each others’ needs.”

“Thunder over the mountains to the southwest…it feels like this mountain could come down with the thunder. It just started to sprinkle on the thirsty red soil…

As we return home later this week, I hope I can do so cheerfully. I hope God will help me to pour my soul back into His work and not selfishly, hedonistically cling to lazier days. But this is God’s work too, isn’t it? Loving and serving our family, spending time together and cementing relationships? And retreating, to rest and pray, as Jesus so often did! I come home remembering: 1) we are filled to pour out, 2) I need times of rest and filling…Lord-willing our next family vacation will not be 3 more years away!…So thankful for sweet memories with 10 month old Hudson and 2 1/2 year old Kaya – and delightful shared experiences and joys with (almost 30 year old!) Nels.”

“Our trip, still fun, grows long. Today is Nels’ 3rd at work, and I am necessarily occupied with care for babies, food prep, cleaning, washing some of our clothes. Vacation is over; now we are here only so we won’t be separated from Nels. A worthy reason, and a beautiful place to be in any situation.”

“Just finished ‘Pride & Prejudice,’ and just started ‘The Brothers Karamazov.’ Also, breaking from my Bible-in-a-year plan to read Romans. Have been delighted listening to Ben Howard’s ‘Every Kingdom’. A lovely, musical, delightful album for summer and the mountains.”


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