New Mexico Trip – Part 1

{I hope you’ll enjoy these photos and journal excerpts from our nearly 2-week trip to New Mexico!}

“…thinking on how pleasant it is it “vacation” – this is our first family vacation (though work trip as well). It is entirely wonderful to feel so refreshed by the 70 degree mountain air (while at home it has been 106!), it is such a blessing to have few duties, engagements, etc. Our only agenda the last few days has been squeezing enjoyment like juice from a lemon, shamelessly playing and resting our minds and bodies, enjoying togetherness, etc…”

“It is different, though, traveling with children (I can only compare it with our honeymoon)…I often want to keep exploring shops, hiking a little farther up the mountain or whatever, but it is time for naps or snacks or diaper changes. Nels and I don’t stay out as late. Every little excursion must be planned and packed for. They add so much fun to our trips as well, and the necessary added structure is good for me, as I have ‘forced’ quiet hours in the afternoons…I love having my ‘little buddies’ along!”

“I feel really overwhelmed by the beauty of this place, the absolute vastness of the mountains and the wilderness, the blessing of being in this enchanted place (and perhaps the absence of civilization and wifi!). I pray that I will soak up whatever God has for me here.”

“…our half-adobe, half-log cabin is a delight. lovely furnishings, though simple, are adequate and comfortable. There are several sky lights letting in rays. It has a wrap around deck, a stone patio up the hill, a little rock garden the kids have been rearranging…it’s nestled perfectly into the mountainside. I can hear the river just over the hill. When the babies wake up we will go for a hike…though which direction? They are all so enticing!” 

❤ jc


2 thoughts on “New Mexico Trip – Part 1

  1. Looks like the best get away ever for your family. I’m grateful the Lord blessed you with it. Can’t wait to see those younguns….

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