A Midnight Phone Call

There is a friend we love who sometimes calls at odd hours, and though we rarely answer our phones during family time or at work or after work (we really rarely answer our phones I think!), when he calls at these strange times we nearly always pick up. We answer, because when he is calling, we know the Spirit is moving and he probably has something to say to us.

It’s comforting, knowing that God speaks through our friend and gives him words of encouragement or direction for us. It’s nice to know that God loves us, and that someone else in this world is talking with God about us and for us, entreating Him on our behalf. We don’t live as close as we’d like, and though we’d love to be neighbors and grill out together every weekend, when we talk on the phone we don’t have a ton of “catching up” to do. Our dear friend often knows our hearts on different matters before we tell him what is going on, and I know it is the Lord who gives him the understanding.

And really our brother doesn’t care so much about particular details in our lives (what a relief – I get tired of thinking them and sharing them and caring about them!) though we do keep in contact. Mostly he cares about our hearts and our relationships with God. He cares about God’s glory and what new work God is beginning to do. He cares about us keeping the faith, not growing weary in doing good, and never losing our first love.

What I am amazed by is this: God uses people to love us in tangible ways.  It’s nice to literally hear a human voice sharing with us what God has impressed on his heart regarding our family. God could just tell us things directly, and sometimes He does, but by involving our friend, we feel connected to another brother in the faith, and the humanity and realness of our shared faith is poignant. It takes away miles. Suddenly all our senses are honed in on the fact that God loves us, we have a brother who loves us, and there is a spiritual realm that is more real than all the miles between us. 

I’m thankful for these phone calls. Last night was a hard night. God is working in my heart and it is tender and painful and so right and good. God is moving Nels in a new and challenging direction and he needs vision and strength.

When the phone rang as we laid together and I cried, there was no denying the Spirit moved our friend to call.

God is so gracious.

There are days when we pray and it feels like heaven’s inbox is full. That is okay. But I am thankful for the days when the presence of the Lord feels so real and near.

I’m thankful for His love made tangible through friends who pray.



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