The Simple Woman’s Daybook: 28 June 2012

Outside my window…my flowers are melting in the withering 99 degree heat, but I am so happy the pink (stargazer?) lilies opened this week! I’ve been waiting (what feels like) ages for those beautiful babies to bloom!

I am thankful for…a love of heat! I feel energized by it. Weird, I know. My father is rather eccentric and delights in the sweatiest days…I think I get it from him! It’s a blessing though. After last summer (being huge and pregnant and kind of hating being outside for very long) I am happy to enjoy the heat again. At least the dry heat…mugginess is another matter! I don’t get to go outside for too long though, my sweet little ones get so red so fast!

I am creating…a blurb book for each of our last few years. We take entirely too many photos, but I am (mostly) glad of it! 

I am going…to attempt to finish my degree. Craziness, perhaps. Hopefully 3 classes in 2 semesters and then it’s all OVER! May 2013 graduation, here we come.

I am wearing…Jean shorts, tevas, a turqoise shirt with brown belt and earrings. I really want to start wearing necklaces & bracelets more but always feel kind of awkward??…sticking with just earrings for now.

I am reading…I’m in-between books and it’s the pits! Actually, I just read Heaven is for Real and I’m finishing Real Marriage (on Nels’ iPad)…I order lots of cheap books from Abebooks and just bought Pride & Prejudice and something by Francine Rivers (each a whopping $3.49). I’ve been a vigilant mailbox-checker ever since I placed the order!

I am hoping…to talk Nels into taking us all to the pool tonight! 🙂

I am hearing…sweet baby boy noises…

Around the house…I have soup simmering for dinner. I need to learn to cook for the summer…it’s 99 degrees and we’re having HOT SOUP..I KNOW! At least it is light? ;P 

One of my favorite things…our morning routine. I am a morning person and it really helps my whole day if I can get some things done early. Lately I have been loving having a walk and quick breakfast with Nels, reading my Bible and showering before getting the babies up. This means us getting up earlier and also making the babies stay in bed till 8 (though Hudson sometimes wakes up 5:30 or 6ish to nurse), but it is so helpful and invigorating for the whole day! I love hearing Kaya and Hudson chat back and forth in their room in the morning too…:) 

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week…Nels is heading out of town again this weekend. 😦 But I am happily putting some plans together for 4th of July next week!

A photo…

my damaged but surviving lilies (my favorite i think?)



2 thoughts on “The Simple Woman’s Daybook: 28 June 2012

  1. Haven’t heard of Blurb before! Let me know how it turns out! I’ve done two large 12×12 books thru Shutterfly. The first one I just got a hard cover and within a few weeks we had some loose pages. The second one I did a padded photo cover and for some reason it seems to be holding together better. And wow!! 8 AM wakeup time for your kids! I can’t seem to beat my boys. Whenever I do, they seem to notice and then get up even earlier the next day. 6-6:15 they’re up! And I am NOT a morning person!

    • Oh, I will have to compare Shutterfly’s product/prices…so far I like Blurb and I will let you know after we order something!

      ..yeah, the kids are “up” well before 8, just not allowed outside their room until we are ready for them. Sometimes things shift and it doesn’t work, but it has been such a sanity-maintenance rule for us!

      ❤ So excited about baby #4 on the way for you guys!

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