fingers & toes & grass as it grows

We’re in the throes of some ugly, sad sickness for my dear 2 year old. It’s not how I pictured these opening days of summer break – washing puke laundry, watching Bambi again (and again), and praying for her fever to break.

But still His mercies are new every morning! I am thankful for the flexibility of being a stay at home mother, and the privilege of being a comforter for little Kaya, hopefully in like fashion as my Lord, the Comforter.

So far little brother seems healthy, happy and ornery as ever. I’m praying he’ll stay that way…:)

Yesterday we escaped the sick house in the pre-dusk and captured some fun photos of Hudson’s first time sitting out in the grass…I just love all the blues and greens of these photos..

Hudson has discovered airplanes and I love his fascination when they fly by…

What to do with this? 🙂

I expected some kind of dramatic reaction (about the grass) from Hudson.

I shouldn’t have! He’s not so into drama…unless he wants his mama!…he just acted like sitting in the grass was the most normal thing in the world, like he’d been doing it for years…What’s the big deal, Ma? 

To those of you praying for us as we endure this no-good-very-mean-yucky-ucky-sicky bug – thank you so much.

God gives us grace even on the gray and sick days. ❤

jordan cristine


3 thoughts on “fingers & toes & grass as it grows

  1. Praying for endurance and stamina for all of you. Also that the bug leaves without catching anyone else. Praying for little Kaya to feel better tomorrow. Little Marble Eyes is photogenic too. Such piercingly blue eyes. Glad he likes being outside and is fascinated with things. God creates such wonderful little treasures! I will also pray for a good sleep for all tonight. So good we can count on the Lord to get you all through this.
    Gma Kris

    • Thank you Grandma!! So sorry we had to miss the grill out time at your place last weekend! I hear it was wonderful. 😉 Hudson is army crawling all over the place!! ❤

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