Apple Cheeks & Marble Eyes

A quirky, fun old man from our church (I think he is a WWII vet…) has longish hair, plays the drums and once said “what’s up, skinny?” to me when I was 8 1/2 months pregnant. He’s funny. He’s sweet. He is artistic and a little temperamental (I think that we must be kindred spirits! ha!). 🙂

Anyway, he has taken to calling Kaya “Apple Cheeks” and recently dubbed Hudson “Marble Eyes.” Hilarious, and somehow fitting, right? 🙂

Today I took my sweet Apple Cheeks & Marble Eyes out for a date, celebrating the arrival of summer. We stopped at a new coffee house and tried the coffee (Kaya enjoyed her water and a pear!) and then went for a walk at one of my favorite nearby parks.

I love walking beside the beautiful river, talking with every dog and dog-owner who walks by (Kaya is obsessed with ‘puppies!!’) and enjoying the sunshine with my two sweetie pie loves.

(I may have enjoyed our little outing too much, because I proceeded to entirely forget the errands I was supposed to run afterwards…lol)

Both of them are growing and changing.

Every day Hudson is a little more interactive, a little stronger.

Every day Kaya is learning new words and phrases (sometimes to my chagrin!).

The other day Nels said something all dramatic and silly to Kaya about only having 15 1/2 years left in our house. He said it merely for reaction, but it sure left an impression on me! 15 1/2 years sounds a lot less than the 18 +/- (Lord-willing!) years together that we started with!

I can’t – and don’t want to – hang on to them too much, but while they are in my care, God help me make the most of it!

Here’s to living well and fully, and with open hands.

jordan cristine


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