This Season

I don’t know what it will be like…

but I know the Lord wants me to have a summer of refreshing and renewal.

Only He truly knows what that will look like.

I know that my part in the orchestrating of this season is to do my best to keep my margins wide, my space a little quieter, so He can speak to me and refresh my spirit.

Breaking down of idols and exalting the LORD – that’s what I am asking for Him to do in my heart. It seems this kind of work takes time.

Sometimes I still feel a little confused. Life has happened so fast for me and I need the Lord to continue to confirm to me who I am, in Him. That takes a lot of time too. And a lot of surrender.

At the end of the summer, we will probably be moving into a whole new life. I want to be whole, healthy, Spirit-filled and ready.

Hopefully friends and family will understand that we are keeping our calendar a little less hectic. That I am dedicating most of my time to my family, and then to rest – physical, emotional, and spiritual. Usually I love being busy, having something “extra” going on every day, being busy and having a fun and full life. But I think God is leading us to have a quieter, more restful season.

I know my soul needs refreshed, and only He can do that.

I’m hopeful for a simplistic summer. I want to enjoy it, and spend a lot of days at home, with very little agenda except: 1) encouraging my husband, 2) training up our little ones and 3) enjoying down time, taking time to meditate on God’s word.

We may even take our first ever family vacation – for the pure purpose of enjoying one another and the Lord. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

What are your summer plans? I’d love to hear about how God is leading you and your family…and what things you are looking forward to!

jordan cristine


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