Hudson Nathanael @ 7 months


20 lbs 10.5 oz  |   26.5 inches long

Would you believe this sweet boy got his first little spankings on Mother’s Day? I think they were overdue too. :/ He is 100% sweetie, 100% stinker. And my boy’s got lungs. Goodness gracious. Tylenol has become part of my daily routine…Image

Lately he has been so close to crawling. And, consequently, I have been so close to hog tying him (my husband has made me watch too much Hogs Gone Wild lately…yes, it’s a real show & NO I never thought it’d come to this!).

Anyway, sweet Huddy-Buddy (that’s what Kaya calls him) is a lover and a cuddler. He is so content whenever he is being held. He is still a mama’s boy but he is so intrigued by everything daddy does and does back bends and other crazy contortions just to be able to see what daddy is doing. But he did say “mama” first, and I have three witnesses! 🙂


His blue eyes and silly, surprised expressions are a delight. He can be such a cherub and then the following moment be a demanding, screaming, spoiled mama’s boy…we’re working on that! 🙂

Hudson loves playing with my cell phone while Kaya assists him in pushing “bu-uns” (buttons) and holding anything he can inspect and pass back and forth in his chubby hands, he is still suffering through teething (his two bottom teeth are in and a couple more on the way) and he is desperately trying to get food in his mouth – although I haven’t officially started feeding him things other than milk – I will as soon as I pick up another high chair!

I am constantly amazed at how different two babies can be ~ and how completely different the “infant experience” is the 2nd time around!

Thank you, Lord for Hudson Nathanael!! ❤


P.S. I DONT KNOW WHY THE COLORS ARE ALL WEIRD AND OFF…UGH! i think someone got carried away in editing. sorry! 🙂


One thought on “Hudson Nathanael @ 7 months

  1. 3 witnesses….that cracked me up! I think he looks just like his Daddy!! They sure are different, aren’t they?

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