a dreamy day & crafty things.

Today, Tuesday, 15 May 2012 – is a wonderful day.

Why? you may ask…

BECAUSE – I just finished one of the most difficult semesters of my college experience. (I am wondering if I would say that at the end of all of them…but anyway!)

12 credit hours knocked out. It came at a high price.

But it’s over! And I learned a lot. And I now have 6 classes between myself and my enigmatic (like that word? I learned it in my study of Ecclesiastes! “difficult to grasp; mysterious”) graduation date. I’m not sure that’s a proper use of the word, but I digress…

Anyway, today I am sitting down feeling so excited that SUMMER is here. I am excited to be FREE to spend it with my sweet babies 🙂 with no homework distractions (at least until late July!). In the next few days I hope to spend some time prayerfully making a summer to-do list for myself, for me & the babies & for all 4 of us…

Several of the things on my list are Pinterest projects (of course!!), and one of them I finished over the weekend…

These yarn wrapped letters are cute tucked into a wreath or hung from satiny ribbon on the wall or front door. This could be fun, inexpensive holiday decor or a thoughtful gift for a housewarming or baby shower, etc. This lady has some photos of the process that might be helpful.

I’ve done a couple of these yarn-wrapped letters and am getting a little better at the curves..:) Using a glue gun to secure the yarn in a few places helps a lot! You can make your own paper mache or cardboard letter, but Hobby Lobby had them on sale last week and it was like $1.50.

Anyway…here it is in all it’s sultry candle light glory…

The laundry piles beckon.




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