Our Story {Part 6}

In honor of our 3rd Wedding Anniversary (!!!) last week a long time ago,  Nels and I are reminiscing and writing “Our Story” — Hope you enjoy. This is Part 6. Read the rest here: Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4 and Part 5.

(Jordan) His prize. I felt like that the day he proposed, and I feel like it now. He prizes me. He prizes my love and presence in our home as I serve him and our children.

People sometimes ask, “How did you know he was the one?” Really it’s just true to say that I knew. When I doubted, God placed people in my life that saw and knew, and they confirmed it to me too. Growing up I had fear and distance in relationships, which I now know was a Holy Spirit hesitation. When the time came to enter into engagement and then marriage with Nels, what I thought was my characteristic hesitation was completely absent. The continued excitement, the passionate love, the many fights, the calm “knowing” – it was reassuring.

And we did meet each other’s deepest needs. Even more now, with three years of marriage under our belt, I am learning how even our weaknesses are perfectly ordained to mold each other into who Christ created us to be. 

(Nels) Need is a funny word. It is abused often in our day-to-day lives. “I need some ice-reem dadda”  is a phrase I hear frequently from Kaya, my two-year-old.  But she doesn’t need ice-cream at all. She wants it! She loves it! However I can promise you there is no need present at all. 🙂 This desire is as far from need as the desert is from water. It’s farther than the moon.

Back to the point—what do we need to be happy in marriage? I’ll tell you what I needed…

Jordan was a cheerful young lady. She seemed to have a lilt in life, and a spark of joy within. I was attracted to that. I loved it, and I felt that I needed it in a spouse. I wanted someone who was joyful, warm, and affectionate.  It mattered to me, and I couldn’t live abundantly without such a woman. I was looking for the kind of wife that Jordan was and continues to be.

As I write this final chapter in our love story things will on occasion flash across my mind. Even now I can see Jordan in the past—she is greeting her friend, Chelsie, with a smile and a hug at “the Verve.” They are surrounded with a glow of friendship– it is a happy recollection for me, and I am reminded of the reasons that I fell in love with Jordan.

Jordan is fun-loving, and she comes by it honestly! Her dad loves fun, her mom loves fun, and so do Skyler and Sam.  If you ever have a chance to spend time with Neal and Cindy you’ll see what I mean.  There is always coffee to drink, a game to play, a story, or a spontaneous shopping date going on. Hustons live big and enjoy life, so I couldn’t stay away. I needed a wife like that—I needed a fun-lover. I couldn’t  be content any other way. I don’t know exactly why this is so. Maybe it’s because I’m dull at times—or even-keeled…fairly drama-less. I thought I needed color, excitement, and fun, and I got it! Jordan was it. Jordan is it—not to mention the babies 🙂

(I really meant to finish this story tonight, but I can’t. It would be too long, or I would rush important detail. Sorry folks, this is Nels signing off for now…)

 to be continued…


8 thoughts on “Our Story {Part 6}

  1. You are a great gardner! I have such a hard time keeping potted plants alive! They are all beautiful! I’d love to be sitting on your back porch surrounded by them.

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  3. The two of you together make a great team! I like that you two continue to have fun together and that you treasure that quality. God did a good job getting you together. All those prayers paid off.

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