as promised…

Here are a couple of pictures of my little man wearing his tie shirt that I made for him…

LOL…he is such a pudgy pie. Love love love him.

Hope you’re enjoying your Sunday! I needed this rainy day. It’s so soothing. ❤


P.S. Stay tuned for the rest of “Our Story”!! 🙂 We had a wonderful anniversary and are working on finishing writing all about the proposal! ❤


2 thoughts on “as promised…

  1. Soooo cute! i like the way he is looking at his daddy. That is a darling shirt…he looks like he knows it is special. I’d like to put an order in for one for Jacob when we go down in July….that is if you have the time. I’m guessing it depends on whether you change your mind and take classes….we’ll see – but it is too cute. Gma Kris

    • Ohh, what a good idea! I’d love to make him one. Hopefully I’ll have some time to do it between now and July. Thanks! Glad you like it 🙂 he sucked on it and chewed on it a lot. ha!

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