Our Story {Part 2}

In honor of our 3rd Wedding Anniversary (!!!) this week,  Nels and I are reminiscing and writing “Our Story” — Hope you enjoy. This is Part 2, you can find Part 1 here. ❤ jc

(Nels) Well, after praying, thinking, weighing and considering my options (not to mention discussing the issue with friends, and as I recall my cousin Danny Carlson) I decided to confront this friend of mine with the issue. So I gave him a phone call. I had concluded in my mind that if he was pursuing her and she had interest, that I would wait it out and trust God’s sovereignty. But if he said that I could ask her out, that I would. And wouldn’t you know it, he said “yes.” Actually he said, “You’ve been interested in her as long as I have, so feel free to go for it.”

So immediately I decided to go and ask Jordan out on a date, and that’s exactly what I did…

(Jordan) On this particular day I was really, really upset. My sister had recently had surgery and I drove about an hour to my parents’ house to visit her while she was feeling yucky. We decided (for whatever reason) that we should get out of the house and go for a walk…with the bb gun. Long story short, I accidentally shot my neighbor Justin’s truck window out (I KNOW!) and was miserable over the incident, and a little worried knowing I now needed to buy him a back window for his truck. On the way home, I found out I had an overdraft on my bank account. Needless to say, I was having an awful day and was soooo unhappy…

When I got back to my apartment I found a note on the door.

(Nels) It had been a thwarted evening. I recall drumming up the courage to go to Jordan’s front door and ask her if she wanted to go out for coffee or something sometime. It was a bold approach, but I felt like it was important, and worth it. Knock knock knock… no answer, only a sticky note on the door for Jordan from a friend of hers. I was disappointed—what a terrible time for her to be gone! I headed home to my dorm room to think things over. 

While at the dorm I decided to come up with a creative plan. I would write Jordan a note and stick it on her door. It would ask if she wanted to go out in a fun way.  So I made a crossword puzzle with the words…





…in bold. On the border were the words Yes, written all over for positive effect. I wrote my phone number on the back of the card with the word interested? Give me a call.  I thought that this was a fair way to ask her out. If she was not interested she could just forget about it, but if she was she had my number.

Delivering this date puzzle was a bit strained. I remember heading over to Jordan’s apartment again with my senses on high alert. What should I see when I drew near but a bunch of guys from the dorm helping someone move in, right next to where she lived! It was dreadful! I couldn’t let them see me delivering this letter. I knew if I did the word would be out and my small campus would be buzzing with news about my interest in Jordan. I wanted things to stay low-key for awhile, so I just waited by the wood line for the guys to leave. But they never did. The moving in was taking FOREVER, so I decided to go over and help…hopefully speeding things up a bit!

I only had to help a few minutes before everything was done, and everyone left. Now I could finally go and deliver my note unnoticed!

 It was a pretty fast transaction. I went to the door, quickly taped the note up and then exited the building. Now it would just be a waiting game.

I headed back to my dorm, filled with anticipation, and the evening dragged on painfully slow.  At around 9:45 I got a phone call from a number I didn’t know! It must be Jordan!  So I quickly picked up the phone. “Hello, this is Nels,” I said.  “This is Rachel!” I heard. Rachel???  I thought—who in the world is Rachel? Rachel grilled me with a list of questions, and wanted to know if I had left a note for Jordan. I owned up to this inquiry and said, “yes”. There was a pause on the other line and I heard Rachel say “Ooooh”. Then she hung up!  What a bizarre call, I thought. I didn’t really know what was going on. However, there was still hope in the air.

I talked with my roommate Andrew Burns about everything that had transpired, and he was hopeful with me, but was also taking in the humor of the night. As I went to bed I thought to myself, “This was a stupid idea, why am I shooting this high? I must be out of my mind.”

to be continued…


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