Our Story {Part 1}

In honor of our 3rd Wedding Anniversary (!!!) this week,  Nels and I are reminiscing and writing “Our Story” — Hope you enjoy. ❤ jc

(Jordan) I was in my first semester as a student at Midwestern Baptist College and Theological Seminary as one of the very few undergrad girls and my friend Rachel, always one to poke, prod and tease said “So who on campus do you like?!” I mentioned to her this guy – Nels? Nelson? – who I had seen one time and run into here and there…he was really cute and seemed to have a good reputation…but I emphatically added “but I don’t even think he knows I exist!” I thought he was a rather stuck-up master’s student, seemingly disdaining a lowly undergrad student.

However, a friend of ours introduced us at “The Verve” (sort of a college-age youth group/worship service) and he seemed friendly enough then. Our big moment of moving from mere acquaintances to friends came on a really rainy day when I was out hanging up posters around campus (I worked for the campus Communications office at the time). I was drenched, with miserable hair, running makeup and sopping clothes and horror of horrors! had to stop in the boys dorm to hang the last of my posters. And who should walk by at this most embarrassing of moments, but my crush! He walked by without stopping, a little disappointing, but mostly relieving! I quickly taped the poster up and turned to leave when I saw him walk back. My heart sank! I was NOT looking or feeling my best in that moment! But he asked a few polite questions and we had a short conversation about what brought us to the school, the ways that God was leading us, our various passions and visions – mine particularly about missions (I had recently returned from Thailand).

It wasn’t the ideal moment to talk – but I was glad that at least he knew who I was now! When I would see him around campus for the few weeks after that I felt like he was looking at me, smiling at me rather boldly, etc…but little did I know what he was up to!

(Nels)…What a delight to see Jordan, God-sent to the men’s dorm! The first time I had seen her, I thought surely she was married, because she was too pretty to be single on this seminary campus! I had heard that she was not married though, and I knew that I had a short window of opportunity to get some valuable information, and so after walking past and not stopping I immediately concluded this was my chance. I turned around, walked back and asked what I thought were some important questions, all of which really were prying into the issue of authentic Christian womanhood. Satisfied that she loved God, loved the idea of ministering to women, and that she had a global vision for evangelism, I was convinced that this budding relationship had great potential—and I was right!

…There were problems though. I thought Jordan was dating someone else…It seemed wrong to swoop in on another godly man’s territory. But soon my fears were allayed when I discovered that they weren’t dating at all! This I discovered from my friend who had recently asked her out, and had been declined/delayed in his pursuit—What a relief! But then another conundrum… how could I break it to him? We were interested in the same woman…

to be continued…


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