Baby Boy Tie Shirt/Onesie

Hey friends!

So a few weeks ago I saw this adorable baby boy tie onesie on Pinterest and loooooved it. You can buy it here for $15.50.

However, I was hoping to make my own…so I did a search for a tie tutorial and found this one and liked it even better, so I roughly followed those instructions, and ended up with this…

It was pretty quick and easy and I think it will be so adorable on my little Huddy-bear!

Here’s how it’s done:

1) draw and cut out your tie pattern (i folded a piece of paper in half and drew one side of the tie and cut it out…then i held it up to a 12 month shirt to see if it was about the right size…trimmed a bit till i liked it!)

2) cut two pieces of fabric using your pattern & pin them together (right sides facing each other)

3) stitch around the sides of the tie, leaving the top open.

*optional- at this point you could adhere some heat n’ bond to keep the tie laying smooth and flat if you’re like me and prefer to never remove the iron from the closet, thankyouverymuch

4) pull your tie through the opening at the top so the right sides are facing out

5) iron it out so it lays nice and flat

optional – at this point you can do a top stitch all the way around…i did a zigzag around the outside

6) stitch across the narrow part of the tie, fill the top with stuffing (this makes it look all full and adorable – pops it out a bit!) and sew the top shut

7) center and pin the tie on onesie/shirt and sew the tie in place on the very top and at the narrow point under the stuffing..

Easy peasy pie! I am looking forward to making Hudson several more of these…and maybe one with a bowtie?! I’ll post some pictures of him modeling his new clothes sometime soon…<3

Have a blessed weekend!
❤ jc


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