I like…

Some fun things …

1) the runaway bunny i opted to fill kaya & hudson’s easter basket with books rather than candy this year. i bought this one on a whim and it has become a new favorite! if i’m going to read a book 48582939 times for kaya and another 9488503932 times for hudson, it’s got to be a good one! i even read it to nels last night…and he liked it too. 😉 this book is adorable and oh-so-sweet. the illustrations are great too! get it.

2) good coffee. lately we’ve been drinking gevalia – traditional roast. it’s good stuff…relatively affordable, and you can get it pretty much anywhere. nels says its delicious because its from sweden.

3) good food. we have tried some great new recipes lately. this italian chicken soup  was so so good. i did make several changes (never can seem to stick precisely to a recipe–), including leaving out the jalapenos. next time i’m quadrupling this recipe so i can eat it every day for the rest of my life…or a week or so. ;P

4) this girl.

“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: “What! You too? I thought I was the only one.” – C.S. Lewis

i’m blessed to have just a few really great friends, and alyssa is one of them. i’m thankful for her, plus her prayers and love and…”well, what are your priorities?” straight-talkin’! and she’s perfectly adorable. obviously. she’s a godly woman and a real/honest person. just thinking of her and missing her makes me want to be more loving, more crafty (ha!) and more sold out for the Lord.

5) my love. a post of things i like just seemed incomplete without him, you know? we’re bffs fo life, yo! 🙂 these are the kind of ridiculous things we say to each other in the privacy of our own home. 😛

6) being reasonable. say whaaaa? no really, this is so simple but so completely necessary for me. i need reasonable daily to-do lists. REALISM, folks, is not my strong suit. at times i can be an over-achiever, but with two little ones in the house i need to be more focused on them and less on certain tasks, but if my list is miles long and i only cross off a few things, i feel like a failure! solution? being reasonable. i know, its genius. but really, trying to plot out reasonable goals is making the days (and thus the weeks) better.

…i also like SHOES and CRAFTING…

but more on that later this week. 😉

May the Lord bless you this beautiful April week!

❤ jc


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