Precious Toddler Quote-ables :)

There’s something to smile about everyday with a 2 year old in the house!…for example:

“Ohhh! Tall Lie!” (Reading about David & Goliath.)

Looking at photos of her friend’s new baby brother…”Like Huddy. Like Huh-huh bear!”

“I need a hold you.” (She wanted me to carry her!)

A recent rain brought out some huge night crawlers and there was one on the sidewalk…”Oh Mama! Look out. Hnake (snake) gone get you.”

“I needa noopie!” (I need milk!)

“I hmell (smell) cookies alllll night.” (completely random. who knows!)

Carrying a scented candle around Wal-Mart…”My hmells (smells)!!”

“I hear da moon, mama.” Awesome.

“One, three, fourteen…”

“I need to bite Hudson, mommy. I need to bite him.” HECK no.

“God made Huddy, mama.” (sometimes I wonder if she is understanding anything I say to her or try to teach her, and when it comes out completely randomly it is such an encouragement!!)

“God made Bambi.”


“Shoot da guns, Huddy! Shoot da guns!” (This is a daily exclamation. I still have NO idea why. LOL!)

“Let’s read dis moodie.” (Let’s read this movie.)

After sneaking a sip of mama’s coffee…”I burned my teeth!”

“I got da yell danny-lions.” (I got the yellow dandelions.)

When daddy leaves for work in the morning…”I needa go to work too.”

“Mommy sad. I sad too. Mommy happy! I happy!!” ❤

I love my precious 2-year-old!

(Here’s my Kaya on a recent fishing expedition!)

❤ jc


2 thoughts on “Precious Toddler Quote-ables :)

  1. I loved getting to chat with her a bit the other day!! What a doll. I look forward to many more conversations — 🙂

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