“Kaya Abigail” by Mor Mor

i love this poem that kaya’s mor mor judy wrote for her! hope you enjoy it as well…i think she very much captured the “essence” of our little kaya. ❤ jc

Kaya Abigail

Little girl in baby flesh,

Darling maid in infant dress.

Beguiling smiles or brow distressed

She gives the world her ‘personal best’.


Best of all her world is small

Yes, small within her ‘beck and call’-

So safe inside her family wall,

But large enough to notice all.


Her grace, her charm, her perturbations,

Are all quite dear her true emotions.

Scorning or loving a sudden notion,

She draws us in, her ‘arts’ an ocean.


Her prancing form is so enchanting

Yet there is ‘One’ who sees her dancing

His watchful eye, her soul enhancing

Thru prayers and love and holy advancing.


Little girl in baby flesh

Darling maid in infant dress.

How we long to stay such bliss

And bind you close with many a kiss!

– Judy R. Carlson


6 thoughts on ““Kaya Abigail” by Mor Mor

  1. So beautiful! Print, frame and read…often. Love it! And the picture reminds me of you when you were her age…really!

    • That’s a good idea ~ maybe something to add to her Easter basket! Thanks Cheryl. 🙂 I love that she reminds you of me!

  2. So lovely as only Judy could do. It does capture our little Kaya’s essence and I especially like the thought of Jesus seeing her prancing and holding her in His arms as he grows her soul. He picture says alot too. What a prize she is! A gift for sure.

    • Glad you enjoyed it Gma!! She does have a gift with poetic words! I am so touched that she wrote this for Kaya…she nailed it! 😉

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