The Simple Woman’s Daybook: 27 March 2012

Outside my window…it’s cloudy and damp, the concrete and dirt still dark from this morning’s rain. The wind is shaking my little birdhouse and new lilacs, petunias, etc.

I am thankful for…the sovereignty of God. While things seem outside my control, I rest in His omnipotence and goodness.

I am creating…Absolutely nothing. 😦 I miss having time for creativity! Six weeks of school left and then perhaps I will find some margin in my life. I have a couple of painting projects in mind to do with Kaya soon!

I am going…out to study tonight for a big exam I will take tomorrow afternoon. Historical Geography of the Bible – very interesting, but I’m not very good with maps!

I am wearing…Shorts 2 sizes smaller than the last pair of pants I bought! Since December I’ve lost 15 pounds – still have nearly 30 more to go, but I am encouraged by the progress.

I am reading…Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy. I love it so far. Also going through Proverbs.

I am hoping…for direction and confidence. I trust the Lord will give it in His good time.

I am hearing…quiet in the house. I even shut off my music! The babies are napping and I’m thankful for a moment of peace. 🙂 Lately though I have loved listening to these guys – 

Around the house…I’ve been gettin my spring clean on, one small task at a time. Bedding to the laundromat, kids’ winter & outgrown things packed away, etc. It feels slow, but good.

One of my favorite things…bath time! Hudson used to scream and scream through his sink baths, but now that he and Kaya are together in the “big tub,” he is quiet and just a little worried…and she loves the company!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week…heading to Nels’ parent’s farm for a few days of fun and helping them with some renovation projects.

A photo…

proud big sis and her baby Huddy-bear. ❤



2 thoughts on “The Simple Woman’s Daybook: 27 March 2012

    • Thanks Hannah! I love so much when they look a little alike or when they’re happy to see each other, etc…so sweet! I hope you guys are getting excited for Lila’s BIRTHDAY! I am with you — terrible 2s?! Whatev! 🙂

      Love you guys!

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