not so long ago…

Wasn’t it just months ago that baby girl was trying out her new jumper?


Yeah, she loved that thing.



It is seriously killing me seeing these photos!

This week baby brother test drove his new hand-me-down ride!


Poor boy is teething too…obviously. It bites. Har har.

He loooooves it. He is -ehh- not the most content of babies, and so its nice to finally find something he really enjoys for more than about 4 seconds.



Yep, time is rolling! ❤

A blessed mama,


P.S. ohhh yesss..I nearly forgot the best part! 😉


4 thoughts on “not so long ago…

  1. LOVE chubby baby legs. It totally kills me looking back at pictures of Lucy too. Where has time gone? Our babies are getting so big!

    • i know! you must have a constant reminder of lucy as a baby with little annie resembling her sooo much! ❤

  2. Jordan, Enjoy these beautiful babies. They DO grow up way too fast.
    I am a firm believer you can’t spoil babies, you only over love them. Have you ever heard anyone say they spent too much time with their children?

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