a sweet spot

i love this room

it’s where i pick up my babies from their naps. it smells like baby magic and crayons (and sometimes less-lovely things). i’ve folded lots of laundry and changed lots of diapers in this room.

at times it’s been the bane of my life. okay, maybe that’s a dramatic overstatement. but it has seriously been a challenging space. we live in a tight apartment and i have spent more hours than i care to count re-arranging this room to meet our constantly changing needs (hello, two babies in two years! lol!).

it’s still no bh&g set up. this hard-working second bedroom doubles as nursery for two babies, closet storage for mom & dad, and houses about 2/3 of our (seriouslyoutofcontrol) library on a book shelf Nels built. it’s not my dream nursery by any stretch. but i do like it. i think i actually love it?! it’s cheery, it’s colorful and it’s one of my favorite places in the world.

hudson just moved in. 🙂 we got his crib last week and it is their new favorite place to play! “i need huddy’s crib, mama! please, play huddy’s crib, mama!” kaya said to me this afternoon. she is so delighted to have him napping and sleeping in the same room as her. when i close the door she’ll whisper-yell “huddy! listen me, huddy! listen me!!”

this room is usually a disaster. there’s a constant “clothes-that-are-too-small” pile, huge boxes of diapers and wipes, clean & dirty laundry, broken crayons, blocks, books ahhhhh. it is never clean – or even picked up – for more than an hour. (i wish i was kidding!)

at least once a month i have to re-assess the storage “situation”..:) but i am happy that i finally cleared out the closet enough to fit kaya’s dresser and laundry hamper and a few bins of toys in there!

anyway, this room is precious to me, even in its usual chaotic state. it’s safe. it’s happy. we have tea parties here. we build towers and color dora pages and sing and dance.

i’ve heard it said that having a baby is like having your heart walking around outside your own body. sometimes in the quiet of the night, i hold my breath and it feels like my heart is beating in these two little cribs. thank you, Lord.

i don’t know what it is about having two cribs in one room, but it totally melts me. i felt wholly blessed with kaya. loving hudson now too i can only say, “my cup overflows!” …and so does our nursery 🙂


3 thoughts on “a sweet spot

  1. What a SWEET room!! Love the banner you have over Hudson’s bed! And that full bookshelf..well that shows how you love to read to your babies! They are going to be so close since they are in the same room…and that is priceless! Some people have big houses with lots of space, but truly, a HOME is made with love and sacrifice! You have made both and it’s working perfectly! Thank you for sharing your heart…it reflects a heart of godliness! So proud of you Jordan!

  2. Thanks Cheryl!! ❤ The banner was from his baby shower and my sweet friend Catrina made it! It's amazing to look around this room and realize how many things we DIDN'T buy…and a lot we made too. So fun! Thinking and praying for you guys often!! ❤ jordan

  3. Aww… you guys are two sweet. Now that it is displayed in the room I wish I had taken a little more time on it 😉 Jordy, you are such a wonderful mother to these two. I can just imagine the “secrets” these two will share during nap time in the same room!

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