Simple Toddler Art

I love having little art projects with Kaya. Sometimes its a little messy and chaotic, but usually it’s a lot of smiles and sweetness…and every once in a while we even turn out a real “masterpiece”!

One such “keeper” of an art project was this simple painting project that we did for Uncle Sam’s 17th Birthday.

All you do:

1) Tape out your word/phrase/name/quote using masking tape on poster board or card stock.

2) Get out those paints & paint brushes! We used acrylics but finger paints or tempera would probably be a blast.

3) Let dry overnight. This is the hard part, especially with a toddler in the house!

4) Carefully peel off tape and reveal! 🙂

I think you could create some fun framed artwork for their room using their name or a favorite Bible verse or quote (like this sweet one!) and this idea.

Any fun projects you have tried or want to try with your little ones? I am always needing some new ideas with my busy little girl!

❤ jordan


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