My Little Love @ 4 Months!

Oh oh, sweet Huddy-bear.

This baby is such a joy. And challenge.

I call him my little pie-baby and his bright eyes and sweet, cheeky smile are the delight of so many cuddly afternoons. He has an adorable chuckle and occasional belly laugh, often while watching big sister and her crazy song and dance.

But he’s also a tender one, bursting into tears when a finger is pointed, a stern word spoken or a voice raised a bit too loud (imagine that happening, in our home?! ha!). Little sister brings out the best and worst, and when this little one is angry, oooohhh, is he angry! His whole face turns red as his screams and shakes, completely enraged – at times over the smallest offense (of course they must seem big to such a little guy!).

Hudson melts my heart with his coos and smiles and love of all moments one-on-one. He wants face-time and words and closeness. I love love love having him near. At times he feels like another appendage growing out of my hip..;-) I am discovering the mother-son relationship is a whole new world, completely new and different from mother-daughter. It’s a love affair of a different sort (more on that if I can ever put my finger on it…).

And yet these same things that are so endearing are also the source of one of my greatest daily challenges, because he is rarely happy if he does not have my full – and I do mean full – attention. Baby boy is learning to self-soothe and occupy himself a bit, but it is rough going and makes for some angst-filled afternoons for he and I. He is not much of a nap-taker either, and this comes as quite a surprise to me after first having a very easy, sleep-loving baby girl.

I have high hopes for a day (that I am trusting in faith is coming soon!) when both my little ones take a good long nap at the same time. Oh glory!

What will this little man grow up to be? There is so much excitement in the unfolding of a unique and precious new life. I love learning his personality and seeing new expressions each day. He’s strong, thick and muscular, a bit of a singer and seemingly an introvert. He’s been rolling over for several months now but still dislikes tummy time for more than a few minutes. His hands are an obsession, he looks at them thoughtfully and is so pleased when he grasps an object his sights have been set on (most often mommy’s hair or earrings! ouch!).

He’s in diaper size 3, last weighed in (at 3.5 months) as 17 lbs 3 oz, is wearing 6-9m clothing and 12m socks/shoes. Most of his hair is gone, but he’s drooling and chewing and I’m wondering if we’ll be seeing a tooth or two before long. He regularly sleeps from 9pm – 4am when he will sometimes be soothed by a pacifier and sometimes needs to eat, and then wakes up but stays content in his bassinet until between 7-8am. We have a rough night from time to time, but mommy and daddy are feeling more and more sane.

I’ll have to take some new pictures and post them soon! For now, here are a couple of Hudson Nathanael at 3.5 months! …

❤ jc


2 thoughts on “My Little Love @ 4 Months!

  1. He is a cuttie!!! Did you realize that he is the same weight and wears the same size as Ranae? People are always surprised to hear that she just turned a year. She even wore the outfit you sent her for her birthday! It looked great! Hope you get a good nap in, I am sure you need it.

    • Hi ShannoN! Ohhh, I thought that outfit looked familiar! She looked so sweet. I hope you guys all enjoyed her birthday. Her dimples are so perfect. Hudson really reminds me of a Larsen sometimes, it makes me really happy! I bet Kaya & Hudson would have a blast with Ranae- and Tyler too!

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