Many hands make messy work.

“Many hands make light work”…

…unless some of those hands happen to belong to a two year old, in which case those hands might make work much messier and much more time consuming, but also exponentially more fun.

Some of my most stressful, memorable, and (sometimes) enjoyable times are during the dinner hour or a late morning baking/lunch-prep time.

With Kaya beside me on her “help chair” creating chaos, I am learning that giving very very clear, direct instructions is quite helpful, and assigning little hands specific tasks is a plus as well, unless clean “smoons” being thrown into the sink so that we can keep up the “clean, clean, cleaning!” is desirable.

Three and a half month old Hudson sits behind us in his bouncy seat watching and listening, and I am wondering how I will get anything done with two “help chairs” at the kitchen counter. But as Kaya liberally sprinkles raisins over the cinnamon roll dough, or exclaims “big dump!” as she pours some flour into a mixing bowl (so appetizing, right?!) I am trying to just get over the added stress and mess and imperfection of it all and enjoy our time together making food and memories.

I wonder who her messy little hands might bless one day? They’re sure a blessing to me already.

And really, its pretty wild that the Lord has seen fit to entrust me with such an eager homemaking apprentice when I am just learning to serve Him in this capacity myself.



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