i’m thankful for, i’m thankful for…{january edition}

when i was a little girl, my daddy made up a “game.” we would each take turns saying something that we were thankful for. the one rule? you had to start by saying “i’m thankful for, i’m thankful for…” of course! 

so here’s my “i’m thankful for, i’m thankful for”…january edition!

1. the gift of european coffee – my dear friend just returned from visiting her family in Poland for the holidays and while she was over there she picked up a few gifts for me – including this delicious bag of Italian coffee. ahh, Grazie, Monika!

2. a week-long class – glad i took it and i’m sure glad it’s over! i missed having a family and home life. i would have completely begrudged the hours away – except that this class was completely, totally worth it. i took “personal evangelism & discipleship” and got to share the gospel out in the community a lot this week. i was sharpened and so encouraged by our class of believers. what a time of refreshing from the Lord! this is perhaps the most inspired i have been since being in YWAM at Jacksonville five years ago (HAVE MERCY, has it been than long?!?!). Lord, grant me the faithfulness to continue in the things i’ve learned!

3. support from family – my husband and my mother so graciously rearranged their schedules this past week to care for the babies and enabled me to continue inching toward finishing my degree.

4. new laptop case! – i had ordered this adorable gem from an etsy shop and just about forgotten about it (didn’t realize it was shipping from overseas and it took a month to get here!). it was so fun to receive it in the mail this week. it is exactly what i was needing to protect my trusty ‘ol macbook. 🙂

5. suh-LEEP! our sweet baby boy has been sleeping so much better, waking up on average just once a night and oftentimes going to sleep if i give him a paci (no nursing means back to sleep quicker for me!). i never knew how much i needed sleep until suddenly it was GONE! its possible i love Hudson even more when i am well-rested. 🙂 now if only he and Kaya could decide they like to nap at the same time!! lol

6. visit with K & D – Nels’ brother and sister in law are moving to Okinawa, Japan with the Navy next month, and we were delighted to get to see them last night before they leave. it was also their first time to meet Hudson! such a special time…

What are you thankful for today?



6 thoughts on “i’m thankful for, i’m thankful for…{january edition}

  1. I love this Jordan! My dad had a game where we said something kind about the person to our right – the cousins played too! 🙂

    I am so thankful that God answers our prayers!! It is fun to have been a part of praying for Nels to have great christian wife and now be able to get to know you some on facebook and see God plan for you and Nels unfold as a young family.

    Today I’m so thankfull for the snow and great play time my 3 kids had with
    me! 🙂

    • Aww, thanks Charity! I hope we get some snow sometime this winter, but I’m enjoying our unseasonably warm weather too! 🙂 Hope you all are well. ❤

  2. I remember the game and the flack we gave your dad. It was fine at Thanksgiving but he really liked it any old time
    ….good for us all but don’t tell him. Tee hee!

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