on a tuesday afternoon

My Ky-pookie has the flu. 😦

Poor baby.

I also feel sorry for myself, who has had to clean up after her sad illness. 😦 ugh. I’m not sure if I’m getting sick too or if I’m just grossed out.

BUT! Alas, there is good news too.

So far there’s been no puke-age from my bright eyed baby boy.

Nope. But he is the reason for our lack of sleep the last several nights. Good thing he’s adorable. Oh my. His gummy smile is so sweet.

So today…we’ve done a couple of unexpected extra loads of laundry and other clean-up…had to cancel some fun plans with friends…we’re dragging and tired and a little lot grumpy.

My antidote to the dreary sick day?

Working on Kaya’s birthday present – a cute little apron (very roughly following this pattern), trying to keep her spirits up with a little watercolor painting, and completely ignoring my lengthy to-do list there in the background…meditating on these words:

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,

for they shall be filled.




2 thoughts on “on a tuesday afternoon

  1. I never could clean up those messes. Still can’t. Either Adam did it or Tyler did. By age three tyler didn’t even need to be told, he got a towel, cleaned up the mess, and threw his clothes in the bathtub. A little harsh? probably. You have a stronger stomach than I do.

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