Top Posts of 2011

A year of blogging reviewed…here are the most-visited posts from the last year:

growing upby far the most-read post of 2011, here I shared thoughts about some sweet friends of ours and their impending Afghanistan deployment. please continue to keep them in your prayers! they have a few months left, and then a joyous/difficult transition to follow.

naming our baby boy!we finally decided on a name for our sweet little boy and shared with you some of the process, meaning and history behind “Hudson Nathanael.” good news! i still love his name (not to mention his perfect cherub cheeks!).

Kaya’s new dress! – my first sewing project in yearssss – completed! turned out pretty cute. i made a second one a few months later, and i think there will be a few more to come as time allows! 😉

Baby Button Monograma simple, fun project preparing for little baby H. 

A Mother’s Heart some thoughts on what being a stay-at-home mother means to me and the vision God has given us for our home. this post elicited more comments, e-mails and facebook messages than almost anything else i’ve shared on the blog.

what kaya did on the day jesus was supposed to come back…hilarious photos taken by her daddy! need a laugh? check this one out.

on love & marriage…marriage isn’t always easy, right?! here i shared a bit about our love and practical steps i planned to take to keep it flourishing. some of you shared some great ideas for showing your love & adding some fun to your life. planning a follow-up post to this soon…

Looking forward to 2012 and all it holds in store for life and the things God will press on my heart to share with you as well…<3



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