Going on 2: All in a Days’ Conversation

Kaya Abigail will be 2 this month! Some part of my mother’s heart can’t believe it…but most of me totally can. She is the epitome of 2-year-old-ness. From her sweet and playful jabber and exuberance over everyday things to her emotional breakdowns and Wal-mart temper tantrums, she is sooo 2. Most people are surprised to find she is not yet 2 because she is big and strong and has a great vocabulary (especially when it comes to food!), but I am quick to point out — “She is still just a 1 year old until the 26th!!”

Here are a few of our conversations (or blabbering that I just overheard) from today:

“No no, Huh-huh (Hudson). No no.” 

(bouncing into the bathroom to join me in getting ready for the day) “Tub. Hi tub! Bath bath. Hi mama!” “Hi Kaya.” “Ah need lips too.” “You want some chapstick? Here baby.” “Dang mama (Thanks mama).” 

(patting my rear) “Mommy butt.” Ummm…lol

(standing on a chair overlooking platter of chips & guacamole after being told we were waiting to eat until daddy came home) “Mmm…food! Daddy. Wait. Mmm, yummy! Wait. Ah hun (I’m hungry).” 

(missing her pacifier and jealous that Hudson had his) “Oh no! Ah pah go? Pah! Pah!!”

“Huh-huh sad. Ah sad too. Huh huh crying!”

(Me asking Nels about something…) “Nels honey?” “Nels honey? Nels honey? Kaya honey!”

(wet diaper being changed) “Big poop.”

“Oh lems!! Yummy lems!” (sucking on a lemon)

“Ah need books.”

(after reading “Moo, Baa, La La La”) “Amen!”

❤ love everyday with my sweet girl!! ❤



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