Feel Alive

my mom is an artist.

my brother’s an athlete.

my husband needs his couple of hours in the woods or out fishing just to feel alive and well.

maybe your fingers need to work in the dirt and help things grow. maybe they crave the ivory keys. maybe you were made to thrive on the thrill of athletic competition. maybe you need to sing, or experiment with recipes of your own creating. maybe you think clearer and feel more yourself after putting a few miles behind you and your bike.

it may or may not be your “occupation,” but it’s something that is part of being you.

what we do does not define who we are. Jesus does. 

but hasn’t God given us passions that are – for each of us uniquely – really necessary to embrace if we want to fully be who we were made to be? 

if i am not involved in foreign missions, i feel like a part of me is dead.

if i don’t run and sweat , with my heart pounding and muscles aching from time to time, i feel it as a sad loss.

if i don’t write, my life is unexamined, my mind is undisciplined and my thoughts and emotions feel messy and confusing.

these are all things i love and that make me feel like…me.

i am a wife and mother. that takes up all of my time (and more it seems!), and i wonder – how do I incorporate these other things? obviously they can’t be my priority every day, but i also don’t want to “shelve” them and become a boring and lesser wife, mother and person.

international travel seems an impossibility in the near future…but i can pray for my missionary friends and get my babies passports so we’re ready to go when God opens a door.

happy years of playing on a basketball and volleyball team may be just a fond high school memory…but i can make exercise a part of our family’s lifestyle and spend some afternoons playing with my toddler.

i may not have uninterrupted hours to spend writing…but wow, are my children an inspiration to me – and a new passion in my life!

what do you love to do? 

what makes you feel most alive?

how do you balance that when life is full and busy?

“I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.” John 10:10


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