On life at 11 days old…

So I’m 11 days old now..

And I’m figuring a lot of things out.

Like these camera flashes always going off? Mother, please!

I mean, can’t a guy get a decent nap around here?

But it’s really not so bad…

So far there’s been a lot of eating, sleeping…a little hand holding…

Mom and Dad like reading books to my big sis and me…

And my big sister? Let me tell you, the girl could talk your ear off.

Yep, I’m learning new things about life every day. Seeing new faces and hearing new voices, and growing a lot too.

Mama says there’s good things in store.


6 thoughts on “On life at 11 days old…

  1. Ahhh thanks for the pics : ) He is so wonderful! Can’t wait to be home in two weeks and spend some time with this little guy!

  2. 7th picture from the top is such a Kaya face! HAHA. Miss you guys! Everytime I think about what I miss about KC it involves the Carlsons 😦

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