an update…

as of today i am…

– one day away from Hudson’s due date, dilated to 3 with a very thin cervix and light contractions sporadically throughout the day (wow, tmi, right?)…I only realize that I am having them because suddenly I have to breathe very deliberately 😉 the doctor said that my body and the baby are ready to go, so i think we are just waiting on God to call this baby out!

– feeling so excited to finally see this baby. our 18 week ultrasound was so so long ago! i am also feeling a little sorry for my hubby who is very traumatized by the idea of labor again. he is so sweet (but I didn’t tell you that) and hates seeing me hurting when there is very little that he can step in to do besides encourage.

– a little burdened. okay, a lot burdened – and i need to be praying about it all and i am – but mostly it feels easier to try not to think. i have a very mature approach to life, i know! it’s a much happier thing to think about the baby on the way rather than other very pressing, very real and somewhat depressing circumstances.

– very thrilled with the autumn weather, autumn smells and flavors (we had these homemade pumpkin spice lattes for breakfast) and windows and doors open all day

– so proud of my daughter’s newest skill: the fish face. she is so talented, for realllll!! ;P

❤ well anyway, happy monday to you, my dears. hopefully i will have some good and exciting news to share with you before too long…:)



6 thoughts on “an update…

  1. ugg I know that feeling of just trying not to think about it. I think the second is worse with that cause you know what to expect. I just remember trying to get as much rest as possible and the days I didn’t get much I would pray the baby wouldn’t come that day. Just 4 weeks ago I was in your shoes. I am praying for you and remember to rest in the fact that the Lord is right beside you giving you the strength every contraction. And hopefully, usually the second one is easier and faster, Titan was. I am snuggling him right now on my chest as he is slowly falling asleep. As these memories of his birth and the pain are still very real they somehow fade away when you hold your precious miracle. It is all worth it, think about snuggling him, your son! Love you

    • hannah! your little titan is so sweet and i can’t wait to meet him sometime. thank you so much for your prayers and understanding…<3 you are right, the memories of discomfort and pain will fade away soon!

      you are a gem of a friend! love you! ❤

  2. Woke up in the middle of the night last night and your name/face on my mind. (I promise thats not a normal occurance! Freaky!) Said a prayer for you and baby, and praying that meant it was time! If not, then you just got some extra pre-labor prayers! 😉

    • oh, laura thanks so much for your prayers! that is so sweet. we are still waiting, waiting..;) maybe tonight!

  3. I felt very comforted by the pains of labor. To me, it ment that I didn’t need another cecerean. Trust me, labor is nothing compared to sugery recovery. Of course, the pain management medication helped alot too. Can’t wait to see pics of Hudson!

    • i can’t wait to see him either. i think my mom is an oddball? out of her natural, c-section and vbac, she preferred the c-section. i think i am brainwashed because of that! hah. i am happy you had a good experience with ranae. i will e-mail and post photos as soon as we can! love y’all!!

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