that’s what this day has been.

[[okay, not totally…there were two somewhat stressful “missed our exit and travelled fifteen extra miles” incidents…but whatever.]]

i think it’s been a great day mostly because it got started off right – a two hour “mommy morning.” it was short and sweet, but oh so refreshing to spend time alone and time with the Lord away from my home where i am so easily distracted. i came home feeling re-centered and re-connected and much calmer…and i think it was sweet for nels to have some daddy date time with kaya. we are going to try to make it happen once a month, even though i was hesitant since we usually spend saturday mornings together as a family – it really seems like it will be worth it and i will be a better person, wife and mother because of it. i totally recommend it if it is at all possible for you!

our day has also included a special birthday party for two little girls from church, relaxing reading time with all the windows & doors open, and a little trip to the apple orchard (fast becoming my fall tradition. & it’s a tradition because we did it last year…ha!) where we picked about 15 pounds of apples..

here‘s a little video clip from the orchard (sorry if it’s a little dizzying!).

❤ jc

p.s. 10 days till our due date! yay!

p.s.s. if you have looked at my “currently…” page recently, you may have noticed that i am reading a new book! it’s called “a mother’s heart” by jean fleming. so far it has been so fantastic. i feel like i am growing so much and i will write more about it (perhaps another review?) when i finish – but i just couldn’t wait to mention it – check this one out! it is well worth your time.

it's been a big day...


2 thoughts on “idyllic

  1. Jordan, I totally know what you mean when you say you need “you time” I would have NEVER thought I would need it like I do, but your right its a refreshing get away. I have never really left Naomi and it kills me to but I have often become overwhelmed with little things and let them stress me out.. so last week I started going on my own little walk/jog just for 30 minutes and that alone was so refreshing listening to music and breathing in fresh air! I am interested in your book.. let me know how it is… also where can I pick up a copy?
    p.s. video was precious.
    p.s.s. we desperately need a date now that I am back.. I have never met your baby girl!!!! and with a new one on the way if you ever need help you let me know.
    ok, i am done with my book!
    love ya.

    • that sounds like a blessed walking time!! i need to start waking up earlier and do that…:) i will call you soon – we should get together for real!

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