“Star of Mommy’s Blog” & our favorite bread

Is that not the cutest, funniest little bib you have ever seen?!

I love it – thanks so much, Ania!

Kaya was donning her sweet new bib and also throwing down on our fresh homemade bread…I am dabbling a bit in learning the wonderful art of bread-making, and though I have so so far to go, we have found one recipe that I have had almost completely fail-proof results with…

…and I think it is amazingly soft and light for being homemade with mostly whole wheat flour. We found a bread machine at a thrift store for $7 and let it do the hard work of mixing and kneading plus the first rise, then pre-heat the oven and set the dough out in a bread pan to rise a second time and then bake it and promptly remove to a cutting board to let it cool (if I can stand to wait to cut myself a piece!). The second rise isn’t necessary if you are short on time, but baking it in the oven rather than the machine seems to make a big difference in how it rises (at least with my machine).

Don’t let this sweet little face fool you, friends. I set our delicious and fresh loaf of bread a little too close to her high chair and just seconds before this photo she dug her hand right into the middle of it and pulled out a piece. From the stinkin’ middle!!

Anyway, try this bread! Best Bread Machine Bread Recipe (I use 2 cups whole wheat flour, 1 cup bread flour, extra virgin olive oil and add about 1/4 cup of flaxseed). Yummm!!

❤ jc


3 thoughts on ““Star of Mommy’s Blog” & our favorite bread

  1. first off the bib.. ha! wow.. thats too funny. and second you have me wanting to experiment with bread now. I might have to find me a machine and try your recipe. I have been into making things inexpensive and crafty and yummy lately!

    • yes! i hope you can find one! and after this baby comes i’d love to have you over and have a big bread making day – and i’m sure our little girls would have a blast meeting each other ❤

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