Hudson’s Dresser Re-do

This is one project that I can hardly take any credit for. Between Nels and my mom, my efforts were only minimal. In fact, Nels was the one who found this dresser (someone was throwing it out – life on a seminary campus! things are always in flux), and when he brought it home to me I was enthralled…

…even though it looked something like this at first. It was solid wood (superrrr heavy) and the perfect size. This “before” photo was actually taken a few minutes after we had started sanding it – I realized I had better document our labor of love for our baby boy! 🙂

Anyway, after sanding, cleaning, several coats of paint (again using American Accent’s “Heirloom White” from Hobby Lobby – love using that 40% off coupon!), it was almost finished and then my mom was kind enough to apply the last coat of paint, put on a matte finish to protect it and buy new handles that were on sale at Lowe’s. The handles fit perfectly, except for on the top drawer where the holes for the screws were a little closer together. I measured and marked it and then Nels drilled new holes to make the handles fit…

And here is our “new” dresser for little Hudson (& Kaya will probably share it too – except that now I like it very much and want it in my room!). We may eventually switch out the top drawer handles for little vintage-y glass knobs, but we’ll see.

A big THANK YOU to Nels and my mom for sparing Hudson any damage from his crazy mother sanding and spray painting in the summer heat. I am so happy for the extra clothing space in our little nursery room and the best part – the actual dresser was free – and with the paint, new handles and finish it was still mostly painless on the bank account (altogether approx. $30 with left over paint…).


3 thoughts on “Hudson’s Dresser Re-do

  1. Very cute Jordan! If you decide to leave the handles on there, you can pick up a little thingy of “wood filler” and fill in those holes, sand it down lightly and touch up with the same color paint. You’ll never know there were holes there! : ) We just painted Carters furniture…looks much like yours! Amy is going to keep her eye out for cup style handles…but those are normally over $2.00 a handle, so she may decide to leave it as it is. It’s great to find those “bargains”, isn’t it?? The Lord provides!!!

    • ohh, good idea! i will have to find some wood filler…or steal some from my mom’s house next time i’m there! 🙂 thanks for the great idea. and carter’s room really looks awesome!

  2. Looks great! Sarah has done a lot of refinishing on sever pieces of her furniture. I am sure she will give you some pointers if you ever need some.

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