as summer into autumn slips…

As Summer into Autumn slips
And yet we sooner say
“The Summer” than “the Autumn,” lest
We turn the sun away… 

{emily dickinson}

Isn’t this a glorious time of year? Each cool, crisp morning seems like such a surprise. The days are still long and summer-like, but cooler, more comfortable, and the shifting of the seasons brings such excitement and anticipation.

Also, as happy as I was to wear flip flops all summer long, I am happy too to put them away and wear real shoes again!

A confession: I am borderline obsessed with yellow shoes.

Why? I don’t know. I don’t even know how I would wear them or if they would go with anything I own…but still, indulge with me for a few moments of virtual window shopping, yellow shoes and all, kapeesh??

Mustard with Ruffles from my beloved Target (out of stock. boo. & maybe a good thing)

American Eagle Coffee with Cream Shoes in Mustard

Mmm, and how about some deep, lovely purple-y red nail polish for the fall?

Essie in Carry On

And some lovely accessories…

Fossil Watch  |  Shoulder Bag from Etsy 

Do you have a favorite “clothing” season? I love the colors and the scarves, boots, hoodies and sweaters that come with fall! My husband says it is still not “technically” fall…and I am still trying to wait a few weeks before busting out my fall decor and beginning another pumpkin obsession , but this may just be too enticing:

Easy Pumpkin Mousse

And Pumpkin Waffles??…what a great idea. I’m drooling.

Happy Autumn to you! ❤

jordan cristine


One thought on “as summer into autumn slips…

  1. Oh honey…i tried on a pair of “yellow” {really mustard color} sling back flats today at JCPenney’s. On clearance for $17.99~ Ya might wanna check em out! : )

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