i’m thankful for, i’m thankful for…

when i was a little girl, my daddy made up a “game.”

we would each take turns saying something that we were thankful for. 

the one rule? you had to start by saying “i’m thankful for, i’m thankful for…” of course!

so here’s my Labor Day “i’m thankful for, i’m thankful for…”

1) my daddy, the great Inventor of Many Fun Games and Kaya’s Beloved Papa…

2) a hug and a prayer, a compassionate woman’s understanding heart

3) a great harvest of fish, straight from the Missouri River – making for a happy hubby, a delighted little girl and an impromptu fish fry

4) this fantastic petting zoo! hurrah for free fun with wonderful friends!

5) God’s protection over our friend who is home for a short R&R from his deployment

6) the late crop of delicious home-grown raspberries

7) a fun family grill-out and early birthday presents for my man

8) a car wash with our youth group – to raise money for a multiple sclerosis patient…

9) a whole week of marvelous temperate weather on the forecast! there is nothing so soothing to this pregnant woman’s tired spirit!

10) free coffee at Caribou, and a free morning to enjoy it with my loves ❤

11) rest. whenever and however it comes, it is always a gift from the Lord.

What are you thankful for on this delightfully cool Labor Day afternoon? 

❤ jc


7 thoughts on “i’m thankful for, i’m thankful for…

  1. I’m thankful for sharing the State Fair with my kids. I still have fond memories of going with you, your sister, and your mom long ago when it was still in Lincoln. Although we had a blast, it just isn’t the same.

    • What fun! I am trying to remember this state fair…I must have been really little! 🙂 Glad you guys got to go…maybe next year I will be in better shape for traveling!

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