The Simple Woman’s Daybook: 19 August 2011

Outside my window…the morning glory are just beginning to bloom! We found the first indigo-violet blossom yesterday.

I am thankful for…electricity! And air conditioning. We were one of the few lucky ones around here to maintain power last night/this morning due to a big storm.

I am creating…another dress for Kaya, and a few little projects for Hudson – I will post some photos soon!

I am going…a little bit crazy at this point in the pregnancy – no lie. Forgive me!

I am wearing…maternity clothes that I once thought would never, never fit!

I am reading…still in War & Peace, but only 200 pages from finishing now. My favorite character just died, so I may have a lot slower pace now. 😦

I am hoping…for Kaya and I to find a good nap rhythm. We’ve been changing things up for her a little bit and so far it’s had mostly terrible results. With a new semester starting next week for Nels and the baby on the way, I’d like to get into a good routine here in the next few weeks, but it is proving challenging.

I am hearing…chainsaws buzzing around campus – the storm last night took down some huge limbs.

Around the house…oh, it smells so lovely! Nels picked some lillies for me that he found growing in the woods. They are cheery and pink and oh-so-fragrant.

One of my favorite things…date night! Usually Thursday night, but this week it was post-poned until Saturday. No specific plans yet, but I am so looking forward to it – and thankful for grandparents who love to babysit!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week…a quick visit from my father-in-law, a baby shower, date night!, Nels preaching Sunday, and lots of last-minute things to line up for school.

…& a picture:

glossy jalapenos from the garden

how has your week been?

❤ jc


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