18 Months

Kaya Abigail,

Well today is your half-birthday! Happy un-birthday to you, my love. ❤ It seems like we just celebrated your first birthday and now here we are, half-way to your second!

You are growing into such a big girl – and a beautiful one too! There are so many moments when I just watch you – trying to memorize every little detail of your chubby face and delightful 2’6″ stature, the sound of your still-babylike voice, testing out new words on your untried tongue. I love just watching you occupy yourself reading in daddy’s chair, turning pages like such a miniature grown-up. Your joy and enthusiasm for fresh air, plants, squirrels and birds is so contagious. You squeal when you go outside, you squeal when you see other children or babies, you squeal when we get to church or return home from running errands.

God breathed life into your lungs 18 months ago and every day I am amazed at just how much life, energy and joy can be bottled up in your sweet body.

You point to my tummy and say “baby,” but I don’t think you know yet that in about two months you will have a little brother! We are so excited. I must admit, at times during this pregnancy I felt hesitant to embrace the wonderful joy of a little baby on the way. How could I be so excited while pregnant with this baby when I was overrun with fear, anxiety, confusion, some unnamed sense of “loss” when pregnant before? It didn’t seem like it was fair – to you. But then, sweet Kaya, I realized that there was no need for this guilt – that you – birthing you, loving you, getting to know you, nurturing you, disciplining you, just watching & enjoying you – God used you to bring about this difference. Our 18 months together has been so special, and in this time God, through Kaya Abigail, has transformed my mind and heart about being a mother, about having children, about making our home my center. Because of experiencing new life with you, I know what a blessing new life is (even though sometimes accompanied by fear).

Each “stage” seems a little better than the last. We are at such an exciting place right now! Every day you are learning new words. You make up games every day. You are cuddly, tickly, affectionate and a bit rambunctious. Lately mommy & daddy have been so proud of you as you learn to use the potty. You pretend to wipe and wave “bye bye” to your potty when it’s flushed. 🙂 Your interests are such a fun mix of daddy’s girl with a little bit of girly girl – you love being outside or playing ball, and you’ll hold frogs or fish without a second thought, but still you ohh and ahh over a fresh coat of pink nail polish and I always catch you trying on my shoes and sunglasses. Reading has been one of your favorite things for months now, and every day you and I read a few books together. When we read your most-beloved stories, you say some of the words before I even read them. You help daddy in the garden a lot – digging in the dirt, carrying squash and cucumbers in your bucket, and filling the watering can with rocks. 🙂 You are such a sweet helper!

Kaya Abigail. Your name means “season’s beginning” and “God the giver of life.” Abigail means “father’s joy.” You certainly are your father’s joy, and your birth brought about a new season in our family’s life. It has been so wonderful, and I am so thankful for you, my little love! You are more precious to me than I ever could have imagined.

Happy 18 Months “diddle diddle,” Peach, Sugar Beet, Boo Boo, Bean, KyPie, Pookie, Miss Abigail ❤ We love you!


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