naming our baby boy!

A name is such a huge decision.

I think it’s one of the big privileges (& responsibilities!) of early parenthood. And it’s amazing how people sort of “become” their name.

Anyway, we had one name that we liked for a boy way back before Kaya was born, so of course when we found out that this baby would be a boy, it was instantly at the top of our list. Before long, we were calling him by that name without even realizing it. I wanted to be extra positive that I lovedΒ his name…and that it was right.Β I told Nels we should sift through a lot of names in the baby name books again, and make sure there were no other names that popped out at us. He said it seemed silly, seeing as he already had a name. But still, I wanted to be certain. A name is a really big deal! πŸ™‚

Of course there were a couple of times that I looked at baby name websites, but one afternoon I was about to pull down a couple of name books off the shelf, and it just felt strange. He already is who he is, and his name already seems to fit. Looking for another name seemed a little ludicrous – like it was just a hoop I was jumping through when in the back of my mind it had been settled already. I put the book back, and it’s probably for the better, as daddy Nels would’ve taken lots of convincing even if I had found another name. πŸ™‚ After praying for some Holy Spirit peace, I have become more and more confident in giving our son this name.

So what is it?? πŸ™‚ ….

…Hudson Nathanael.

Hudson is a handsome and strong name that I have loved for years. Hudson Taylor, his primary name sake, was a missionary to China, especially known for founding the China Inland Mission. The name Hudson also reminds me of the Hudson River, which is special to me because I was named for the Jordan River.

NathanaelΒ is Nels’ middle name, a Carlson family name that was given him in honor of his grandfather who had the same middle name. It’s Hebrew, meaning “God has given.” And I am so thankful that he has! πŸ˜€

Anyway, it feels good to be making progress on our preparation for the little man on his way! I recently started his journal (just like Kaya’s), completed our baby registry for him at Target, and have been getting our nursery organized for a second little one! ❀ Β Only 2 months & 11 days to go till due date – Praise the Lord! πŸ™‚



17 thoughts on “naming our baby boy!

  1. Hi there! It’s funny how you just “know” when you have found the right name for your child. Like you say you know who he is before he is born! It’s a lovely feeling. God bless you and your lovely family! :]

  2. Great name! I really like Hudson. I feel the EXACT same way you do about naming. It’s such a big decision! I’ve been doing the same things you have…except since it’s another girl we didn’t have a name picked out already. πŸ™‚ Enjoy the next couple of months! You look great!

  3. Oh Jordan…I LOVE this name! (not that I have to, but our family has been pondering a few names of our own lately so they are all fresh!) What a nice upstanding name that is….and sounds so strong! Can’t wait to see his little mug on your blog…the time is flying by! Praying for a swift and comfortable last couple of months!

  4. YAY!!! I didn’t think you were going to change your mind. I heard you call him Hudson already on several occasions. But I LOVE the middle name too!! Do you have anyone planning a shower for you yet? If so I want to be there and tell whoever is doing it that I will help plan, organize, set up, etc Or if no one is doing one I will totally throw you one!!! Love you!

  5. I love the name! I can hardly believe we only have two months and eleven days until Hudson is “suppose to” make his debut. The time has gone really fast for me, probably not so much for you. At any rate, fast or slow, I am soooo happy for the Carlson Family. Love In Christ,

    • it’s gone much faster since i haven’t been so sick & kaya has kept us very busy! πŸ™‚ thanks, Eunice.

  6. I’ve always loved the name Hudson. Hudson Taylor was a Mountain Man in Wyoming and I’ve loved then name ever since we studied him in 4th grade. And of course Nathanael is a favorite – it being a family name and all! I love your choice! You’re little boy has a fabulous name to start living out!

    • thanks, Audrey! sounds like we’ll have some fun stories to read to him!…i’ve never heard of the “Wyoming Hudson” πŸ™‚

  7. Judy C.

    Hi Jordan, thanks for the invite to the site. I haven’t been on my computer for 3 or 4 days so it was a nice surprise. Hudson Nathanael is a noble and worthy name I am excited to see this little son of yours, the first Carlson grandson is significant to everyone as well. I believe names are very important and eternal? God still called Abraham, Issac and Jacob by their given names after they were in heaven. I feel that christian parents are definitely directed by God in a supernatural way in naming their children. It was one of the sweetest, fun things about having a new baby. In heaven we will all be given a secret new name on a white stone, but it is a name only God will know, an eternal ‘nickname’ just between us and Jesus. How tender is that. (Jordan, I think I called you Jordan Elizabeth once–sorry, confusion with Liz’s first name being your middle name–sorry.)

  8. Jordan <3,
    How fun to read about the process that you went through in choosing a name for your first born son! I like the name(s) very much! Hudson Nathanael has a ring to it all it's own, maybe one day Christian's will be studying about his legacy along with Hudson Taylor's. Love and miss you, Nels and Kaya. I've had fun shopping for a few new things for you to enjoy when baby is here! Love ya, Nora }Y{

  9. I love it! We have been the same way with Olivia although we are still working on her middle name. But once we set on Olivia we have called her by it! I think we should just go ahead amd betroth Hudson amd Olivia πŸ™‚ people do that right??! Lol love you guys can’t wait to see Hudson!

  10. Hudson Nathanael- Welcome to our universe πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to meet you. We are sure that you have a name which will inspire others and challenge yourself. Your name– really who you are– make us humbled, proud and joyful. Thanking God for you, Jordan, Kaya and Nels.

    Uncle Kristian & Tia Damaris

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