life lately

Hmm…what have we been up to lately?

Well, there’s been a bit of finger paintin’ –

And furniture re-doin’ –

We’ve been backyard-turkey-watchin’ (I thought we lived in Kansas CITY?!? ha!) –

Sunny day pool-side-sittin’ –

Enjoyed some spaghetti-lunch-eatin’ –

And 4th-of-July-celebratin’ –

(also – does anyone else gain 90% of their pregnancy weight in their NOSE like i do?! sheesh. at least there are no stretch marks there…yet.)

…and such. We are generally enjoying a rather low-key, peaceful summer…and tonight is date night, so yay! ❤

How has yours been? – jc


One thought on “life lately

  1. You’re so cute!! Yes, I gained at least 3 lbs. in my nose alone! Could hardly breathe thru that thing at the end!! HA!! You’re beautiful….just beautiful!! : )

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