A Good Wife

“A good wife is Heaven’s last, best gift to man, his angel and minister of graces innumerable, his gem of many virtues; her voice his sweetest music, her smiles his brightest day, her kiss the guardian of his innocence, her arms the place of his safety, the balm of his health, the sure balsam of his life; her industry his surest wealth, her economy his safest steward, her lips his faithful counselor, her bosom the softest pillow of his cares, and her prayers the ablest advocate of Heaven’s blessing on his head.”

– Anonymous Husband

Wow. How’s that for a standard to strive for and a beautiful picture of true womanhood? Only by God’s grace!

❤ jc


One thought on “A Good Wife

  1. I like this…a lot! But you are right, what a standard! I am currently reading “Faithful Women and Their Extraordinary God” by Noel Piper and the chapter on Sarah Edwards, Johnathan Edwards wife, makes me feel the same way this quote does.

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