Summertime Squash Recipes

How is your garden faring this summer? Ours is starting to burst with squash, and I couldn’t be more delighted. We are coming up with all kinds of tasty ways to use this versatile vegetable, and have had some extra to give away as well. I’ve really been surprised at how having just a small garden plot has really helped us to live well on a fairly light grocery budget this summer. I’ll have to post some pictures soon…we have tiny baby pumpkins and watermelons, lots of sugar snap peas, cucumbers, tomatoes, raspberries, plus lots of herbs and peppers on the way. But mostly, we have some prolific squash growth and we are not sick of eating it yet! And I plan to keep mixing it up by trying new recipes so that we don’t get sick of it anytime soon.

Squash is a mild-flavored vegetable and takes on and compliments the flavors in any given dish quite well. We have enjoyed it as a topping on homemade pizza, mixed in veggie stir-fry dishes and sauteed and served alongside scrambled eggs and salsa for breakfast. My favorite way of eating squash so far is just slicing it up real thin and sauteing with some garlic, onion and red pepper, sprinkling with salt, pepper and parmesan cheese and then tossing with olive oil and angel hair pasta. It is so fresh, so quick and soooo delicious. We have also tried variations of this same dish using different vegetables and spices – like cayenne pepper. YUM. Here are some more squash (or zucchini – but yellow squash or any other squash can be fairly easily substituted) recipes that we have either tried and enjoyed already, or are keeping on hand to test out soon. Hope you enjoy! (Photos not mine.)

Tortellini & Zucchini Soup

Grilled Yellow Squash – We love squash on vegetable kabobs, but these thick grilled slices look yummy too!

Herbed Squash & Rice Casserole – This was so simple and delicious. I used up some left over rice and veggies from the fridge and still it was a hit dinner with my hubby.

Roasted Squash & Fennel with Thyme

Vegetable Lasagna  – Anything from the Pioneer Woman is worth a try in my book!

I think we will also try some squash stuffed in veggie calzones…and I’ve heard you can substitute yellow squash for zucchini in zucchini bread, but I’m a bit skeptical about that! We’ll see…;-)

I do realize this is my 3rd post in a row about food…hmm…I promise to get back to writing about something else sometime soon! 🙂

❤ jc


4 thoughts on “Summertime Squash Recipes

  1. I’m jealous. our garden isn’t doing very well at all. The only thing I can grow are weeds. Our peas died just as they were starting to produce and it looks as if we are losing our tomato plants as well. Our cantelope and green beans never sprouted and our watermelon are just now starting to grow. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG! However, our beets did very well, but I can’t stand them, they are for the boys not me.

    • Our peas have struggled too! Its been sooo hot, and I think they prefer cool weather?? Never tried growing cantelope, but if you like watermelon you should just make your way to KC in another month or so and pick yourself one from our garden! 🙂 Nels has been learning a lot about composting and mulching and such…its really helped our plants survive the brutal weather…and some, like the squash, are thriving. I am amazed that you even tried gardening this summer with a new baby! Maybe you will have a second chance with some fall crops?? …

      • Being home during the summer gives me time for some (not alot) gardening and crafting. Tyler loves helping me in the garden and he wouldn’t like it if I stopped doing it. It is a small garden so I can spend a few min a day or week and my baby duties don’t interfear. What are some good fall crops to try? I don’t have much of a wide range of veggies that I like. Ideas would be helpful. We tried butternut squash last year but we only got two. I didn’t like them so I didn’t plant then again.

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