Beauty & Self-forgetfulness


“When she reached this passage (a letter from friend which spoke of her gentle, calm, penetrating look that was dearly loved), Princess Marya sighed and looked round into the pier-glass that stood on her right. The glass reflected a feeble, ungraceful figure and a thin face. The eyes, always melancholy, were looking just now with a particularly hopeless expression at herself in the looking-glass. She flatters me, thought the princess, and she turned away and went on reading. But Julie did not flatter her friend: the princess’s eyes – large, deep, and luminous (rays of warm light seemed at times to radiate in streams from them), were really so fine, that very often in spite of the plainness of the whole face, her eyes were more attractive than beauty. But the princess has never seen the beautiful expression of her eyes: the expression came into them when she was not thinking of herself…”

– from “War and Peace” by Leo Tolstoy.


2 thoughts on “Beauty & Self-forgetfulness

  1. What a lovely quote! Are you reading War and Peace? I would love to say I’ve made my way through that book! It sounds better than I thought!

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I’m glad I found yours! πŸ™‚

  2. Yes! It’s pretty daunting, but the first few hundred pages have been enjoyable. Tolstoy is so good! πŸ™‚

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