4 months to go…

FOUR months to go…

until we meet our little MAN!

We found out at our ultrasound 3 weeks ago that we are expecting a boy. 🙂

Three weeks ago we thought I was about 19-20 weeks pregnant, but based on the ultrasound, they were thinking I was more like 18-19 weeks pregnant, so I’m not really sure how far along I am – but they have given us the due date of September 27 (20 months and 1 day after big sister’s birthday!). Because of breast feeding and what-not, my periods were never quite normal, so some of my doctors are telling me that I am remembering the date of my last period wrong (no, I’m not, thank you very much!), but whatever.

Important things – the ultrasound showed a strong, steady heart. Four limbs, a little thumb sucker, man parts and organs in all the right places. I was kind of relieved. I don’t know why, but I have it in my head to be prepared for any kind of handicap or birth defects – it just seems like we have been too blessed with an easy first baby who hardly had so much as a cold well into her first year. But praise God, our little man looks great. And even if there were issues, I know that God would take care of us and we would love this baby and play on!

About this boySo far, he seems like a laid-back little gem. I feel him moving, but not as incessantly or vigorously as Kaya did. When we saw him on the ultrasound he was just chillin…sucking his thumb, cuddled up in a little ball, relaxing, just rolling around a little here and there. I can’t wait to meet him! 🙂

How I’m feelingI have to just seriously praise the Lord that I have only been minimally sick with this blessed child. Only random vomiting, some tiredness, etc. Much better than puking 4-5x a day for 7 months! I can’t tell you how thankful I am!! Even so, pregnancy is kind of a trial for me. My hormones and emotions are crazy, I’m not sleeping very well or very much at night, and I have had a lot more round-ligament/belly-stretching aches and odd pains in my hips/back/knees. All this is normal with the second child. It’s mostly just discomfort that comes with carrying more weight than the body is used to! I’m looking forward to our pool opening so I can get some good low-impact exercise.

What we’re thinkingWhere the heck are we going to put this baby?! Lol. We are running out of space in our little apartment, but we will probably only be here more than a few months after he is born. Daddy is excited that he won’t be “outnumbered” anymore, I am excited to have a newborn in the house again (!), and we are both so excited to see Kaya interact with her precious little brother. We are very in the swing of “girly things” and it will be so different to have a boy this time! I don’t even know how to pick out boy clothes and nursery colors (not that he has a room yet anyway!). Any suggestions? I’m all ears! 

Mostly, we just can’t wait to meet this little guy. We are so excited that he and Kaya will be less than two years apart, and we feel blessed that God has given us both a boy and a girl!

This being our second baby, it all feels more real. I’m not sure how, but I feel more connected to this baby already – maybe its because last time I really wasn’t down with being a Mama yet – I felt guilty for not being head-over-heels in love before Kaya was born (problem solved the instant I held her blue, screaming little self!). It’s a wonderful thing to be more excited than fearful about baby coming. Even with labor in the not-so-distant future, I feel like – I’ve lived through it before! It can’t be too much worse…right? 🙂 (Please don’t tell me any horror stories otherwise!)

The Little Boy Thou Gavest Me – Louise B. Eavey

Dear Lord, I bring to Thee my son

Whose tender years have scarce begun,

In this wee frame I know full well

A living soul has come to dwell

Who needs Thee now at childhood’s gate,

Ere he shall grow to man’s estate.

I covenant through hours apart

To pray for him with fervent heart,

To teach Thy Word with winsome voice

By day and night until his choice

Be but Thy blood for sin’s deep stain,

And my small son is born again.

Then onward shall I pray the more

And teach Thy precepts o’er and o’er,

That he may grow, each boyhood hour,

By Thine indwelling risen power,

Lord, some small boys with none to care

Will never hear a mother’s prayer;

Prepare my son with love aflame

To reach them with Thy saving name.

And make him, Lord, a polished tool,

A learner in Thy highest school.

A mother’s part seems, oh, so frail!

But Thy strong arm can never fail.

To teach, to pray, to stand are mine;

Expectantly I yield to Thee

The little boy Thou gavest me.


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