{the poor man’s apothecary}

It’s nothing grand.

We’ve no expertise or perfection to share!
But what we do have is a happy little patio and some tight-spaces turned garden-plots.

 A neighbor before me planted this rhododendron (?) and I get to enjoy the benefits…:)

It’s fast becoming a favorite hobby – this watching things grow, learning their names, tending them here and there.

Only God could take a little tiny seed and make it grow into something useful, beautiful…

…but I am happy to work alongside Him and celebrate His handiwork too.

Front left – tomato, front right – cherry tomato, back – raspberry.

I think you’ll find us out here working or just sitting a lot this summer…:)

“The garden is the poor man’s apothecary.”  ~ German Proverb

❤ jc


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