life with my baby girl

She may toddle, but I am not emotionally prepared to call her a “toddler.”

Don’t rush me.


Life with her is so much fun! And a little crazy. Like the last two weeks…

she is saying all kinds of adorable things. Her newest word is “Up” except she says “Bup.” Whenever she wants up on the couch or the bed, out of the crib or highchair, we hear “bup! bup!”

– she waves a lot and says “buh-buh”…walks away, comes back again, waves and says “buh-buh”

– we are constantly avoiding perilous situations…one night this week as i made dinner i turned around and caught her pulling an egg shell out of the trash. we went to the bathroom, washed her hands and i set her down so i could wash mine too. as i was washing my hands, i heard a splash and turned to see her plunging her hand into the toilet swooshing the water around…ahhgg! 

– she has been giving lots of kisses and hugs and initiating little cuddles and conversations. it is so sweet! she is always coming up behind me and giving my leg a squeeze. ahhh…*melting*…

– she loves peek-a-boo. this week she covered her eyes with her hands, threw them off and said “boo!” to a complete stranger. lol


– as we were just heading out the door to the mother-daughter banquet at our church last week, we stopped to brush our teeth in the bathroom. kaya was finished and i was almost done (keys in hand!) when she threw her pink ball right in the toilet. ahghh. we were a couple of minutes late

– Nels had his music chapel this week and so we went to hear him sing. i took a few books and a bottle of milk to keep kaya quiet and still. she did a great job for about the first half hour. then there was a moment of quiet, a transition from choir singing to a solo instrumentalist. in this quiet moment, kaya said quite loudly “goo, goo…ga…” …and then let out the hugest belch i have ever heard a small child produce. it was hilarious, embarrassing…oh dear…the two or three rows around us were all dying with laughter. i laughed so hard i cried a few tears and had to leave…lol

– the other day i was sobbing on the couch to Nels about some sad thing…Kaya leaned over right into my face and gave me the most sincere, kind, compassionate little look…it was so sweet and comforting! 🙂 aww..she is growing up so fast!

❤ oh, Kaya Abigail…<3

15 1/2 months!


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