My Favorite Days

Lately I find myself a bit surprised…

Could it be I am enjoying the tasks God has called me to? The home He has given me? The life I didn’t choose?

My favorite days are ones that feel full and blessed, and I am happy and fulfilled (mostly…I still have my pregnancy mood-swings and achey days!). Surprisingly, to me at least, these aren’t the busiest days or the out-and-about days. They aren’t the days that are full of activity and friends and events. Those days are good too, and have their place. But I am finding that my favorite days are the simple ones, the normal ones.

It sounds funny, but it’s taken me until after my 2nd wedding anniversary and my baby being 15 months old for me to feel like I’ve fallen into a rhythm at home. Of course it is constantly being adjusted based on schedule changes, little girl’s changing needs and my own trimester changes. But I’m starting to wake up earlier and actually enjoying it. I’d like to get up even earlier, Proverbs 31-style (vs. 15), to enjoy the quiet of the home, have breakfast ready, and spend my own time in devotions before anyone else is requiring my attention – waking up and looking well to the ways of my household, not eating the bread of idleness. Mornings are so wonderful! Depending on the day, we often have a few moments to bring Kaya into our room to cuddle and say good morning. We have breakfast together, sometimes read Scripture or a devotion from Spurgeon, and then both Kaya and I kiss Nels as he leaves for work. Then Kaya and I have a little time to water the plants in the garden or read some of her books together. She’ll have a bath and get dressed, and then she’ll play for a bit while I clean up the kitchen. When she goes down for a nap it’s my turn to read my Bible and get the laundry started or clean up and take a shower…and usually to clean up whatever crazy mess Kaya made before her nap time! I make lunch and dinner plans and sometimes start some dough in the bread machine. I love working to tidy or clean the house – to have it looking and smelling fresh when Nels comes home for lunch. Most of the time, but not always, I have some kind of lunch ready – sometimes a hot meal, more often a turkey sandwich and fresh fruit. Having him home at noon breaks up the day so nicely and when he doesn’t have lunch off the day feels so much longer…

And you know what’s really crazy? I’m starting to enjoy housework. Okay, not always…laundry must be excluded from this…and you probably wouldn’t be able to tell I enjoy it by looking at my house tonight! But I really do. When I’m not too busy, when the mess hasn’t totally “gotten away from me”…I enjoy it. Often I listen to Alistair Begg, Woodrow Kroll or John MacArthur sermons (accessed via iTunes podcasts or here) while I clean and the time passes quickly and feels rich and blessed. I am really happy to create a beautiful home environment for Nels and Kaya, plus our baby on the way and any visitors who walk through our door. A lot of times that beautiful environment is not a spotless or pristine one, but I hope that it will be orderly, encouraging, welcoming, fresh-smelling, lived-in and spirit-filled.

It’s strange that I am enjoying being home so much. I never expected it…I’ve always been a “go-er”. I am realizing the more time I have at home with Kaya, the happier we both are and the more well-behaved she is. The more I stay home during the day, the happier my evenings with Nels are. I have so much to learn, but I am loving the homemaking life God has given me. I often feel pulled in many directions all at once – but God has made my husband and baby my top priority and I am happiest when I keep that straight.

Lately I have been studying Proverbs 31 and Titus 2 to glean from God’s Word more about His plan for me as a Christ-following woman. More thoughts on that later…but tonight I am just amazed that such a simple life could feel so rich and blessed right now! I know that this is where God wants me to be – our home is the center of our family, the “headquarters” of our life and ministry, and it is no insignificant task to be the manager at home. I don’t know why I thought it would be…

I pray God’s richest blessings on you and your home today!

❤ jc


4 thoughts on “My Favorite Days

  1. Beautiful outlook, Jordan. You are so blessed, and it’s wonderful to read about.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful family.

    • thanks 🙂 i really am blessed! lately i have been sad thinking that i could have been graduating college this spring. but i am thankful for my life the way it is – and if i graduate late or never – God be glorified! its really up to Him.

  2. Wife-hood and Motherhood are my favorite, even when I can’t get “it” all done on certain days, or when I feel overwhelmed by pressures outside of our walls. What an honor we have from the Lord to love our husbands and our children, and love the Giver of these gifts!

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