the one where i turned 22

i celebrated my 22nd birthday last tuesday!

..and wednesday, thursday…saturday…you know, it was wonderful.

a little craziness: on my 22nd birthday, i was just over 2 weeks away from anniversary number 2, and also pregnant with my 2nd child.

i apologize, sometimes i like numbers and i’m nerdy like that.

anyway, this was for sure one of my favorite birthdays ever. i really had a fantastic birthdayweek. i started to record every detail, but it was going to be about 13 pages long so i decided to post some highlights for you…suffice it to say i felt so loved and celebrated.

On my actual birthday, my mom took me out to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch and afterwards we shared this delicious chocolate tuxedo cheesecake…ohh’s good stuff. And the Cheesecake Factory has the best coffee to go along with it. Yummmy.

We also took care of some serious shopping needs. Every pregnant mama needs some cute things to make her feel lovely, right? 😛

Especially the super-practical red wedges.

I mean, check out this loot! My parents and hubby totally spoiled me and I feel soo so blessed.

I was also surprised with many sweet phone calls, gifts, giftcards and cards in the mail, etc. I feel very loved and known – my grandma picked me out something I had been eyeing at Pier1 –

(i wish i had a picture in my own house, but i am terrible at hanging things and still need Nels’ help! ha) This will be so cute with photos and Kaya’s little drawings and some dried flowers and such!

I had a wonderful time at the park with these two cuties – and my hubby had a birthday cake in the oven at 7:30 am on my special day!

We had such beautiful spring weather around my birthday! Ahh.

I was very surprised by a package from my sweet sister-in-law and her husband – especially because they just had their first baby a few days before my birthday! She had read this post and remembered how much I loved the Pottery Barn pillars and included this beautiful gift in a birthday package for me:

It looks even prettier than I had imagined! (the color is off a little in this photo…weird!)

The Saturday after my birthday was our main celebration with my family and it was so fun. My mom and dad and little brother ventured outside their normal cuisine-comfort zone and joined us for dinner at one of our favorite Mediterranean restaurants. I wish I had taken a few photos of the food – it was delish.

My brother surprised me with this pretty necklace that he bought as a souvenir on his recent trip to BOSTON!…Anyway, we had a fun time introducing them to new and yummy foods, walking around Westport a little bit and visiting the ever-lovely World Market.

Super fun. Super blessed and a lot spoiled too.

Grandma and Grandpa never miss out on spoiling Kaya either…:)

Well, there ya go! For “just the highlights” this has been an awfully long post! And as if all that weren’t enough, I have a Lowe’s gift card burning a hole in my pocket for some garden-shopping. My friends know my weaknesses all too well! 🙂

Happy weekend to you!

❤ jc


2 thoughts on “the one where i turned 22

  1. What a GREAT celebration WEEK! LOVE the pictures! And that one with Nels squatted down by baby girls stroller?? I’m seeing your Daddy in her face BIG TIME in that shot! 🙂 Happy BD dear girl!! May you have many, many more wonderful birthdays!! (And I SO get the numbers thing!!)

    • aww, Cheryl thank you! Kaya remind me of him a lot ~ especially her smile and her crazy energy! Haha. they get along great. 🙂

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