{more} photos from the playground

my girl is so big. i love how she walks, so confident, a wide stance, arms out for balance –

i am happy those little rolls are still there on her legs, though they are so much smaller than last april!

i can just imagine her little brother or sister (who i have been feeling move the last couple of days!) standing on the other side of the tether-ball pole…

she’s exploring the world around her and we are really loving it…

but sometimes she’s a little braver than i am comfortable with…

…and sometimes i take more pictures than she is comfortable with. ;-P

can you blame me? πŸ™‚

ohhh…she can drive me crazy!…but she really is my sweet, sweet love….

not so unlike her daddy! ha! πŸ™‚

I love you, Punkster! You are brave and beautiful and watching you grow up is so fun. ❀

* Kaya Abigail | April 2011 | 14 months

* practicing with a 50-250mm lens, Canon 40D.


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