Spring Break

Woo hoo…it’s spring break.

I’m trying to be excited. Spring break isn’t so terribly thrilling when…its just another week of work and such. But it is nice to have a little less pressure, a little time to catch up on homework, and it’s certainly wonderful that it’s finally starting to feel like spring around here.


This little mess I discovered at 7:58 a.m.:

And this little mess maker was apprehended shortly thereafter:

And yes, there are floury footprints from the kitchen to the living room & floury hand prints on the couch. You’d think there was a bake-fest going on in this house! But not today. πŸ™‚

Here is another little snapshot of my mess maker at a more docile moment…barely awake on a Sunday morning…ready to head to church:

I think I would dress her in this outfit everyday if it would stay clean. Those cowgirl boots? They kill me.

To be honest, the last couple of days have been kind of rough with her. She’s been pushing her limits, throwing some temper tantrums (that’s pretty new behavior for this girl) and generally seemed somewhat cranky. Some of that I attribute to more teeth and a bit of a diaper rash bothering her, but the truth is, I’ve had to be a lot more firm with her lately (since when does she ignore the word no?! not in this house! lol) and it’s a real bummer, because I’d rather just be outside playing together. We’re bff’s. Why the sudden attitude? I don’t know. But I know I’m doing all of us a favor by training her to be obedient, and I’d rather work through this now when our issues are “no, you may not bring your toothbrush with us to the grocery store” and “the trash can is gross. don’t touch it again”…rather than weightier issues when she’s older.

You know…it’s just kind of tiring…

We did, however, have a lovely lunch date yesterday…I’m hoping that in another day or two we’ll be over this crankster phase. It’s so not like my baby girl. :/

In other updates…remember my reading list for this year? It’s really been great for me to have some goals, and so far, I am plugging along (although I’d be a little further through my list if I didn’t keep adding random books that sound interesting! lol)…

Last night I finished “Middlemarch”Β by George Eliot. I must say, it was not my favorite book, and at 747 pages, I was tempted time and again to give it up. However, a few of the characters were endearing enough (Dorothea, Ladislaw & Lydgate) that I decided to keep on. Even if I hadn’t read beforehand that George Eliot was actually a woman writing under pseudonym, I think I would have suspected because of all the descriptive emotional detail. The story of Middlemarch is set during the time of great reform in England, and it really is a realistic look at some of the pressures of life, society, troubles of marriage and money, etc. Eliot writes very well, and especially seems to understand the intricacies of relationships and communication.

To be honest, most of the time reading is a break for me. A break from metal stresses. A chance to remove myself from my situation for just a bit and think about other things…to be swept away with thoughts of other times. This book is so full of actual, believable, real life pressures that it wasn’t much of a “restful read” for me. Perhaps I would enjoy it more at another time of life? I don’t know…

I also recently finished Elisabeth Elliot’s “Be Still My Soul.” This book was much more suited to my needs and interests in reading right now. It is a compilation of some of her writings over the years – 10 chapters of differing but related themes. I quoted bits from a couple of those chapters here.

The words of Elisabeth Elliot are so soothing to me. Most books must be taken with a grain of salt, so to speak. You have to consider the author’s context, bias and bent. It is perhaps necessary understand that they are an atheist, for example, or maybe they have some political aim. Of course every human author is fallible, but I have a very high respect for Elisabeth Elliot. Her message is so implicitly scriptural, that it requires almost no “filtering” – I can really relax and take it at face value, soaking it in as truth. I feel like my soul really was stilled, even comforted, reading this book.

“Home by Choice” by Dr. Brenda Hunter was not on my reading list for this year, but it is about a subject very near and dear to my heart. I have not finished this book yet, but have found it to be very interesting, filled with great research and information and it has confirmed to me that we made the right choice this year in making our home and family my primary responsibility. It has also been solidifying my resolve to be a great mother and to encourage other women to give their best to their families. When I am finished with the book I’ll have to share some more thoughts on it.

Well, better run…

happy spring day to you! ❀



5 thoughts on “Spring Break

  1. I love the boots too…adorable! My dogs make messes like this but I can put them outside, I’m sure motherhood takes tremendous patience.

    • Haha~! Pretty soon it will be warm enough to put her outside. πŸ™‚ When we go out there she digs in my flowerpots. But we’re learning! πŸ™‚ Your dogs are gorgeous…I can’t wait till we live someplace that allows pets!

  2. Josiah has been quite a little…. something not nice lately. i don’t know what to do with him sometimes. i think he misses kenny and he doesn’t know what to do with his emotions. so he just hits people. for no reason. today he was playing in his room by himself and then just walked in and hit me and then kaiden. he usually does great with kaiden but lately he’s been awful. hopefully he and kaya will get over this little phase soon!

    • Ugh! Kaya has amazed me with some terrible temper tantrums. But then this whole week we’ve been working hard on obedience and today at the doctors office she was so good and made me so proud and all the old people were saying what a good girl she was (and I was thinking…oh if only you saw her earlier this week! lol). Jo is seriously processing a lot I’m sure! Stay diligent with the discipline and when he cries remember you are doing him a favor by training him to be a good boy who people will want to be around! And enjoy the moments when he is sweet & cuddly πŸ™‚ …and I hope we both have a peaceful, happy phase coming soon! πŸ™‚

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